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Mercy Bound 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.

Mercy Bound
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Despite wanting her forever, Dray has vowed to protect Mercy, even from himself. Then his mating heat is triggered, leaving only two choices—fuck or die. And luscious Mercy is suitably equipped—and determined—to save him.


This was a really quick read from author Kele Moon. I enjoyed it, especially when I had just read a ton of heavy reads, this was a welcome change.
Mercy, Dray and his brother Conrad have known each other most of their lives.
Conrad and Dray are Atlantan warriors and were adopted by Mercy's father when their own parents were killed. Atlantan warriors seem to be from a different planet and are a different genetic makeup from humans, though look mostly human.
Mercy is human and has been in love with Dray for as long as she can remember. Dray has also felt that Mercy was his mate, but because of a promise he made to her father feels he can never act on his feelings without breaking that promise.
Things change when Dray is injured and the medicine that the doctor administers to him throws him into heat, and with no other female around other than Mercy, his choices are limited, mate or die.
This is a enjoyable, steamy, little read. I had enough information and storyline, but really this is a book based around sex and love, but mostly sex. I have absolutely no complaints in that, in fact sometimes that is exactly what you need. The characters were good and Mercy with her no nonsense attitude really stole the show for me.
I am giving it 4 stars because it was exactly what I needed.
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