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Consequences 18

The following review is for 18+ readers.
Consequences (Consequences, #1)
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Besieged by memories of a brutal abduction, Claire Nichols wakes in an unfamiliar bedroom, within a luxurious mansion. Her recollections have one common denominator, the man she just met, Anthony Rawlings.
Unbeknownst to Claire, for a very long time, she has been within Anthony’s sights. Many of the pivotal events in her life occurred, due to his sinister manipulation. Every action has a consequence, and his actions result in their chance meeting.
More than a psychological thriller, Consequences is a vivid story of one woman’s struggle to survive incomprehensible circumstances. Every aspect of her being suddenly depends upon the tall, wealthy, dark haired, dark eyed businessman. Anthony Rawlings is known to the world as prosperous, benevolent, and kind. Claire quickly learns that he can also be a menacing controlling captor.
With few options but concession, Claire attempts to earn her freedom, while enduring a hellish existence that truly appears perfect. Persevering tests and trials, she struggles to retain her pure Midwest values and beliefs. Encouraged by memories of a loving upbringing, she gains strength in the simplest of joys: solitude in nature and good in the face of evil.
His goal in sight, Anthony’s calculated agenda encounters an unforeseen detour. He becomes captivated by Claire’s beauty, resilience, and determination. The interaction of these two compelling characters instigates strong emotions: fear, anger, love, and lust. Claire and Anthony’s tumultuous journey flows into uncharted waters of intrigue and passion.
Utilizing vivid detail, this 167,000-word novel unfolds like a movie, before the eyes of its readers. From the opening criminal abduction, through twists and turns, to the unlikely romantic thrills, the suspense climaxes as Anthony’s motivation becomes evident.
Anthony and Claire must decide if they will stay true to one another, or allow preceding actions to result in justifiable Consequences


Deep breaths! Fluffy bunnies, chocolates and a bottle of whiskey are sure to help me get over this book.
Hold on to your hats, this book is a crazy mix of a wild ride and driving miss daisy.
It was slow; too much useless descriptions that just made it drag out. But I believe the author meant it to be that way to illustrate how awful Claire had it, in her downward spiral from normal to battered housewife, but it was too much, I started skipping bits and I never do that.
But in saying that it built this slow growing level of anxiety, like watching a train wreck I couldn't stop reading. I wanted to reach into the book and get Claire out of there, slap her (but she had a bit too much of that), Anthony really did a number on her.
The whole way through the book you get snippets and clues that sort of don't lead anywhere, you get inklings, and you know he is a bad guy, but then you think maybe he is just screwed up.
 Bad upbringing, like a Christian Grey but on steroids, you know? You find yourself questioning everything. What is Anthony up too?? What are all these two page bits with Nathaniel? Is that his dad? No, it's okay, he married her, he must have some feelings there, and then… oh my god did he just ………..?? God, did he kill……?? Oh god, has he arranged for her brother in law to………..?? What the f*#k???
Anthony is no hero; he is a bad, bad, bad man!! For those who started this under the misunderstanding that this was going to end up like.... say Kitty Thomas's Comfort Food, then you are wrong!!! He beats her, rapes her,(this is within the first few pages so no spoiler) Claire lives under constant fear and he slowly lures her into trusting him, then bam!!! He is the classic wife beating husband that we all hear about!
The ending…. the arrest, the destruction. You find out what it's all for and it's like “OH MY GOD!!!! Where is the justice in that??"
Althea Romig, you wrote a book that I couldn't put down, that made me feel a multitude of emotions (rage primarily at the end, but also fear, anxiety) but for the love of god I couldn't tell you if I enjoyed it. How do I rate something like this??
 I guess I have to put it down to the fact that I couldn't stop reading; I needed to know what was happening, I was totally under this books spell, fully engaged. Isn't that the sign of a good book?? Doesn't matter if the character repulsed me, that his mind trips, was screwing  with me, it was an amazing wild ride. So because of that I have rated this highly.
This book will drive you crazy; it will frustrate the hell out of you. But it is extremely well written and the author is on to something amazing if she can continue this mystery going at this level.
I read it, now for gods sake somebody please recommend me something light and fluffy with lots of good sex and maybe a bit of humor, I need it!

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