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Busy Moms not only describes the women who write reviews for this blog but also who we write the reviews for. We write short concise reviews that are fast, easy to read and do not include any spoilers.  All reviews are the opinion of the reviewer, none of the ladies get paid for any of the reviews on this website. When given advanced read copies we base our reviews solely on content and do not take into account any editing or formatting that needs to be done.

I did not enjoy the book
and had to put it down
several time. 

I did not enjoy the book
but was able to finish it
in one sitting.

I had issues that kept me from
enjoying the book, but the
writing was good.

 The book was on the border
of being good, it was just
a little bit off the mark.

The book was a good.

The book was a good
read and had that little
something extra.

The book was really

The book was really good,
couldn't put it down and
the author has been added
as one of our favorites.

Loved the book.

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