Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Come Home Again


 3 of 5 stars false1/2
Anything can be fixed with a little Duct Tape and sass…
At least that’s what celebrity fixer, Delilah Donovan, used to think. She prides herself on being able to handle anything. But when she’s asked to fix the new CEO of Synth Games, she never dreams she’ll come face to face with the only man to ever break her heart.
The past can't always be fixed...
When a friend calls in a long ago favor, reformed hacker, Nate Williams, worries that his shady past will come back to haunt him. As acting CEO of Synth Games, he needs to make the world believe he’s CEO material. Too bad the one person who can help him is the one woman he had to leave behind. 
Will Nate bury his demons for good or will his past dictate his future? Can Delilah rise to this challenge or will Nate shatter her heart…again.


****I was given a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review****
Delilah is a fixer, when someone makes a mess of their life and needs someone to clean up their image it's Delilah to the rescue but she is tired of being referred to as D-list Delilah. She wants to be taken seriously and she wants that junior position, everything she wants is in her grasp all she has to do is fix this one corporate image and the past can come back to bite you in the butt so be careful what you wish for. Reformed hacker Nate has lived his life with the fear that things from his past will come back and hurt him but when a friend calls he can't turn down repaying the favor he owes. Now he must remake himself into a CEO and Delilah is going to help him do it but he left her behind a long time ago. Can Nate finally tell Delilah the truth and finally get over his past or will Delilah once again be left with a broken heart? This was a very enjoyable read, when I first read the synopsis for this story I thought it was going to be something light and fluffy and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. There was of course romance and angst but it also has some mystery and a hint of danger that keeps you wondering if Nate and Delilah will get their HEA. For the most part I liked Nate and Delilah there were a couple times when I wanted to shake some sense into one or both of them but they weren't one of those couples who are so annoying that they needed a shovel to knock some sense into them. My favorite character Willow was seriously kick ass, I loved her and I really hope she gets hooks up with one of Delilahs brothers so that she can get her own book. I liked this book it was a good read, a nice start to a new series and I will be keeping my eye out for the rest of the books in the series. 
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