Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lumberjack in Love 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers

Lumberjack In Love
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City slicker Ami Jordan was just dumped by her back-stabbing boyfriend, has no job prospects, and can't find a decent cup of coffee in the entire state of Vermont. The last thing she needs is a sexy, bearded lumberjack complicating her life. Even if he’s smart, talented, and has the hottest ass she’s ever seen.
Tree house builder, environmental champion, and Bulldog owner Marcus Anderson has no patience for flatlanders with an attitude. But when landscape designer Ami Jordan shows up at his log cabin, he suddenly develops a hankering for a high-maintenance city gal. Now his house looks like a jungle, his recycling is in disarray, and his libido's on fire.
He's a lumberjack in love.


I have never heard of Penny Watson before and at this time I have no idea if she has anymore books available, but I will tell you this, if she does I will be checking her out.
This book was the perfect balance of sweet romance without being cheesy or corny. The humour was great without seeming forced and the sex factor had just the right amount of steam. And how could I not read a book about a lumberjack? (picture Hugh Jackman in Wolverine, drool.)  Well the answer is simple, I couldn't.
Perfect lazy day read, short sweet and very satisfying.

P.s. Since reading this book , it has had a new front cover made, what do you think? I sort of like the first one, it has a charm about it.
Lumberjack In Love   

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