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Three Nights with a Rockstar

Three Nights with a Rock Star (Half-Life, #1) 
When Hailey crashes a Half-Life after party, she expects to find the bastard who knocked up her little sister. Instead she meets the sexy front-man who agrees to give her access to his crew if she gives him access to her body.
All Lock demands in return is three days of complete control over the Sunday School teacher. With a contract, because he’s been burned before. One misstep could send the band—and his tenuous sobriety—up in flames.
Hailey and Lock push each other’s limits… Against the penthouse window. Backstage. In the limo and on the elevator. But as the contract counts down, neither are ready for the party to end. 


**** Aspendawn Books, via NetGalley, provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review****
Hailey has always been the responsible one, the good girl. Raising and providing for her sister Chloe when their mother proved they didn't matter to her. Internally fighting to never resemble her, Hailey keeps herself tightly under wraps and never explores any desire she may find deep inside. All that changes when Chloe returns from traveling with the band Half- Life and confesses she's pregnant but the father isn't in a good place right now to be just that, a father. Hailey won't take that for an answer when both they both know what it's like to grow up with missing fathers. The problem is Chloe isn't giving up his name. With an inadequate plan Hailey decides to infiltrate the band and find the father herself. Going straight to the man in charge she heads to the hotel to find Lock. The scene that greets her proves she is way out of her league. However, among the passed out and plant fertilizing men she finds her redemption in a drop dead gorgeous man who thankfully, appears to be sober. As luck would have it he happens to be just the man she was looking for. What she wasn't planning on was finding herself in a contract to spend the next three days in his bed. So what happens when Hailey lets herself break free from her good girl shell and enjoy life? She just might be risking it all.
Three Nights with a Rockstar was a fast paced and sexy ride. There was adventure but nothing over the top outrageous to try to get the reader's attention, just honest good writing with great characters. It was almost like watching a really personal documentary or reading a biography, the world of rock & roll brought to life through the words on each page.
I was hoping for a good book but what I wasn't expecting is to get hooked on the main couple and a few supporting characters so quickly. Lock, Hailey, Krist, Chloe and a few others had me reading until the early morning hours, Lock specifically. Sure, this isn't my first tattooed sex & music god I've read but there was something about him that stayed with me. He was delicious yes, there of course is that. More so he carried a level of dominance and swagger but broke down his walls with Hailey and there was a deep connection in that vulnerability. A real person, not just everyone's persona of a fantasy. I was worried when I discovered how much of a good girl Hailey was. *Cue the look of horror thinking I was reading another blushing "virgin".* Thankfully once the cardigan came off she became a confident women who wasn't afraid to enjoy what she wanted. As excited as I am for Krist's book I'm almost sad that I can't selfishly have several books with the two of them.
I was actually a little surprised that TNwaR was written by two authors. The chapters flow so smoothly. It's descriptive but not excessive. Imaginative but not outrageous. Just the right mix to get lost in your fantasy but not get vertigo when you finish the last page.
This is a series that I will be marking release dates in my calendar and stalking the author's facebooks for!  

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