It's giveaway time!! We are going to be trying something new and seeing how it works out instead of doing our Authors of the Week interviews we are going to be giving away tickets to signings so that you can meet your favorite authors! First up is

Love N Vegas 
 10/24 Friday Night Meet & Greet at Planet Hollywood London Room 6pm-9pm.

10/24 Friday Night 9:30pm we will be hitting the public bars.

10/25 Saturday Author Signing at Planet Hollywood 1pm-5pm. 


  1. Thank you very much Jane George for the book and Jillian for hosting the give away. I am looking forewarn to reading it.

    Laura Brown

  2. oh my gosh!!Vika, congrats. What a great prize, so jealous!! Enjoy!!

  3. This is the best prize ever. The whole Series of any of Dana Marie Bells' Book Series. I chose The "Grey Court" series because those are the only series of Ms. Bell's that I haven't read yet. I feel like I'm in Vegas and just won a Jackpot! Thank you very much. Paula S.

    1. oh Paula, you will love them. I really enjoyed that series myself. Congrats and enjoy!! Let us know what you think!

  4. THANK YOU for the book! I had all but one of them. LOVE Tessa Bailey! :-)

  5. awww Dory... it's ok you eventually get it all out. Patience is good sometimes :)