Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball

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 Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball: A motivational tale of personal transformation with humor, adventure, and friendship. 
Four women face their flaws, fears, and futures when they meet in person for the first time for a girl's weekend in Las Vegas. Each gets a bit more than they bargained for as they get to know one another over three days in Sin City. Truths come out to prompt change as they learn that life is less about the cards in their hands than the way they play the game.
In the end they realize that there is more about them alike than different and that anything is possible with friends who support their journeys. Three days, a Mexican revolutionary, and a Magic 8-ball that came along for the ride later, they each leave Las Vegas different than when they arrived.

Sometimes what happens in Vegas can't stay. 


I'm not going to summarize the book because I can't do it without giving away some major spoiler and I don't want to ruin the book.Full disclosure I bought this book when I went to a convention and added it to my TBR pile, I figured I would read it when I could but then the author was looking for a PA and we started talking. Before I agreed to become her PA I read this book to make sure I could get behind it. Before I even finished the book I knew I wanted to help this author because it was that good. These four women have become friends online and although they bonded they didn't reveal all their deepest secrets and fears. It's not until Abi, Dani, Margo and Meredith are together that they fully open up about what they really want and need. These women are all flawed characters, they each have insecurities and these little things that they carry with them are things that every woman can relate to. I loved how they supported each other, yes while there was some friction they were saying and doing things because they genuinely cared for one another. I loved this book and it is an inspirational story that makes you think about not only yourself but also your friendships.