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Sarah's Cowboy 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.
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Looking for thrills, practical Sarah signs up to be a schoolteacher on a western movie set and gets more than she’s looking for with cowboy stuntman Kit Stewart, adventure with a capital A.
A hand touched Sarah’s arm. “Yes?” she turned and there he was. Kit Stewart, the man who saved her from certain harm her first day on the film set. The man who continued to intrude on her thoughts. At least this time he wasn’t mad.
Darn if his half-smile didn’t make her heart thump just as hard today as almost being run down by galloping horses had that first day.
Still in cowboy garb, he thumbed back his hat in a gesture she’d seen a million times in the movies. “I wanted to say I’m sorry for yelling at you the other day.”
An apology. How gentlemanly. And unexpected. She supposed it was her turn.
“I wasn’t watching where I was going. I’m, ah, new to all this.”
His smile got even bigger drawing an answering grin from her.
“I’m Kit, the stunt coordinator.” He held out his hand.
She accepted his gesture, allowed his fingers, warm and just a little rough, to wrap around hers. “I’m Sarah, the school teacher.” She winced, “That sounds so, I don’t know.” She usually wasn’t at such a loss for words. But standing here with a low grade current running from his hand to hers caused her thoughts to scatter on the pine scented breeze.
He grinned. “I’ve always liked school. And school teachers.”
Wow, her heart kicked up another beat. She could actually feel the sparks flying between them. Were his nerves sizzling like hers? She took a breath and withdrew her hand, hoping to regain her composure. “I accept your apology and I hope you accept mine.”
“Of course.” He smiled then winked at her. “See you around.”
Oh lord, she hoped so.
He turned and walked away giving her a view of leather chaps outlining one fine butt.


****This book was part of a blog tour, I received a copy for my honest review****
A sweet slightly cheesy story that will feed your romantic side.
Sarah Alexander is ready for a change. Always the practical one,always making the boring choices.On New Year's Eve on the 10 year anniversary of "The List",Sarah gets together with her best friends.All realizing time hasn't been the kindest and after a little too much wine,they bring out a list they compiled that night 10 years ago that would make their perfect man. Some revisions,the girls decide they have a year to find a man matching 80% of those attributes.This is Sarah's journey.
Enter a new exciting job as a teacher on a movie set and a sexy stunt coordinator called Kit, and we have our story.We follow our practical Sarah while she meets the adventurous and fun cowboy.
“This,” she said just south of his left ear, “is just a trick to get me close to you, isn’t it?”
Laughing, he patted her hand where it rested at his waist. “Honey, riding double on a
motorcycle is the most fun a man can have with a woman on the wrong side of him.”
The dialogue was choppy and didn't flow that well,and the descriptions were slightly excessive in the beginning but things did smooth as we went. At only roughly 97 pages there wasn't the character depth I enjoy but the characters were likable and had us rooting for them the whole time. I would have enjoyed better chemistry between the two, and the sex scenes could be improved, but they didn't take away from the enjoyment of the story.
All in all a fun light hearted romance that is great to curl up with on a rainy day.

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