Friday, March 15, 2013

A Kiss for Luck 18 +

The following review is for 18+ readers.
A Kiss for Luck
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Dr. Clara Evans' life has taken a turn for the worse. With a failed marriage behind her, Clara has only a bottle of wine and a romance novel for company on New Year's Eve while waiting for the dreadful year to end.Her lonely celebration is disrupted when her best friend Jackson Philips shows up and she couldn't be more delighted. Tall, muscular and handsome, what's not to love about the bighearted firefighter?It's not until she steals a desperately needed kiss for luck at midnight that secret desires and hidden heartaches rise to the surface, igniting an inferno of passion that burns hot enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned firefighter.


This was a super hot and sexy with a good pinch of sweet, perfect.
This is the story of Clara and Jackson and how one kiss, and some good lovin, leads to their happily ever after.
Clara, who is moping at home alone with a bottle of wine on New Years Eve, is pleasantly surprised when Jackson ,her best friend, gets home early from his double shift. A New Years Kiss between the two unleashes secret longings and desires....
A Kiss for Luck is a super quick read but I didn't feel that lacked anything at all. I felt the emotions and uncertainties and understood both characters unwillingness to compromise a beautiful friendship. Both Clara and Jacksons personalities were well developed for a novella and the passion and chemistry zinging between the two was hot. This is how a quick steamy read should be done, loved every minute of it.
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