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Ghosts of Kingston Cottage

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Ghosts of Kingston Cottage
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She believes in ghosts.
Medium and paranormal investigator Arabella Pierce is sent with her crew to Kingston Cottage, a haunted Maine seafarer’s cottage on an isolated island, but for this investigation, her boss has stuck them with skeptical reporter Lucas Brown. Though he’s hot as they come, Arabella can’t trust a man whose sole job is to discredit her and the work she does. Not after what happened with the last few skeptics...
He believes in evidence.
But Lucas isn’t as skeptical as he seems—he wants the truth, no matter what that is. When the ghosts appear, he and Arabella must work together—in tight quarters—to convince the resident ghosts to move on before a storm strands the entire crew on the island. If Arabella can put aside her prejudices, she and Lucas just might have a shot at a lifetime.


****Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley provided me with an ARC copy of this book for my honest review *
Arabella Pierce has trust issues. Not that she's always been that way but after several painful break ups, the last one revealing that the man she was in love with was not who he said he was, she's hesitant to take the leap again. Oh yeah, and she's a medium working for Revenant Investigations as a paranormal investigator.
Lucas Brown is a skeptic. It's worked to his advantage, landing him a job investigating and reporting for Debunker Media. The job puts him in close contact with paranormal investigators and anyone claiming to have a gift pertaining to the dead. However his task isn't to find the paranormal, it's to protect the public and make sure the investigators are genuine.
First, I want to say that this was a fun story, an easy read that kept you interested. That being said I'm going to state that "instant love" drives me nuts! Unfortunately that was the theme between our two main characters. "Instant love" for me feels cheesy, it cheapens the story line and any real emotion you can read on the lines. Had this been a full length novel where we could really get thorough with our hauntings and the people investigating them I have no doubt this book would have been a 4 star rating if not more. Being only 70 or so pages there was a lot to cover in that short amount of time. It kept the pace fast but not horrible as can sometimes be the case with novellas. I could have done with less details and attention to the sex scene. Not because I'm a prude, but because it really just felt unnecessary. It wasn't vulgar or over detailed but just something I noticed. I really wanted more of these characters. They were interesting and there's so much potential to turn this into other stories with other investigations. As for the actual investigation, it was a very romantic story of why the cottage was haunted and had a great HEA for everyone involved. I just would have loved more length! 
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