Friday, December 6, 2013

Close to You ( A Downside Ghosts Holiday Story)

Close to You (Downside Ghosts, #5.5)
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Churchwitch Chess Putnam has seen, and banished, her share of ghosts, but not of the Christmas Past variety—the holiday has been illegal since the Church of Real Truth defeated the undead and took control of the world in 1997.
Yet when she and her boyfriend, Terrible, make a trip to an abandoned auto junkyard, they find more than the rusted auto parts and spare tires they’d bargained for. They also run across a creepy Miss Havisham-type hell-bent on reuniting with her long-dead husband just in time for Christmas—even if it means taking Chess and Terrible down with her into the City of Eternity…
If Chess and Terrible don't manage to keep these ghosts in the past, they won't have a future...


****I received this arc from Netgalley for my honest review****
Does it get any better than Chess and Terrible? I think they are my favourite couple ever. They are stand out, one of a kind just the fricken best there is.
Close to you is just a short journey into Stacia Kane's brilliant, dystopian, urban fantasy series.
We get a crazy bride, a junk yard and almost like a sick and twisted Christmas horror at one point....with a twisted ghostly Santa and a Carpenters song that will stay stuck in your head for the rest of the day.. And of course we get some steamy moments where we get to be a fly on the wall with Chess and Terrible (go the mutton chops). For a short this really packed a punch for me, I always want more of this world almost immediately after finishing a book, its just an amazing series.
Have you read any of the previous? No? Then I advise you get on it!!
This world is dark and unlike anything you have ever read, and if you haven't read the previous books you are going to be a little lost reading this novella.
5 stars from me. 
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  1. Love series, if you haven't gotten into it I advise you start now!!!!