Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Rough Beast

2.5-3 stars

Phillip Todd is a normal army brat and baby boomer with one small exception: a super human power to control all sentient beings.
Like Superman he takes years to uncover and develop his powers, beginning at the tender age of three by coercing his neurotic mother and later advancing to psychic pranks on the Order of the Perpetually Disgruntled Nuns at his Catholic grade school. In public middle school he rids himself of a bullying juvenile delinquent with cruel zeal. His formative adolescent years as an army dependent in post war Germany merely increases his autocratic demands for sensual experimentation and psychic domination.
He uses and abuses anyone near; particularly Jill, the precociously ripe daughter of his father’s commanding Colonel and Wanda, his mother’s friend and frustrated wife of a feckless Lieutenant. When an overweening sexual dalliance with Jill is discovered by a vicious PFC Phillip tortures and nearly kills the man. When his father’s tour in Germany is winding down Phillip, both frightened and enthralled with his power, conceives an alter ego as a means of self analysis and revelation, Dr. Fear, a fictional confidant whom he plans on turning into a future comic book icon.
However, Phillip is suddenly tormented by waking nightmares and psychotic hallucinations and he takes extreme measures to rid himself of these by eliminating Wanda’s husband and lastly Jill and her family. However, on the return trip to the States hopeful that he has ended the psychotic breaks, he is confronted by another terrifying hallucination.


****I was given a copy of this book  for my honest review****
 Phillip has powers that allow him to control "sentient beings," he has no problem using his powers to get what he wants. He controls people and thinks he is untouchable because of his powers. He has hallucinations and nightmares that scare him; his solution to this problem is disturbing. I really liked this book, the characters were interesting and Phillips early antics had unexpected moments of humor. This book was a sci-fi, I thought of it more as a psychological thriller. Phillip seemed to be a mix of a sociopath with a split personality and a horn dog focused only on getting sex. This book did have a good storyline, but I have to point out the editing. I am not a huge grammar or spelling Nazi, if there are a few errors in a book I don't knock of points. However, this book had so many of these errors it made reading certain parts of this book difficult. If this book was properly edited it would be a solid 4 stars for me, as it stands I am stuck between 2.5 and 3 stars. 


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