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Wild Card 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.
Wild Card (Elite Ops, #1)
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It was supposed to be simple. All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy. That was before his mission went disastrously wrong…and before his wife, Bella, was told that Nathan was never coming home.
Bella’s mourned her husband’s death for three long years. But she has no idea he’s still alive. Forced to assume a new identity, the man Nathan was is now dead. If he can get back to his wife, can he keep the secret of who he really is…even as desire threatens to consume them? And as danger threatens to tear Bella from Nathan’s arms once more?


We start off this book with heartbreaking scenes of a couple madly in love and then ripped apart when a mission goes wrong; Bella is told that her husband, Nathan "wild card" Malone is dead.
Truthfully in the beginning this is what everyone believes until Nathan is rescued after 19 months of torture.
In the seedy hole where he was kept, drugged, abused, the only thing that kept Nathan from bowing down to the demands of his captors was his vows to his wife. But in the end, Nathan feels that he is not the man he used to be and wants his wife to be kept in the dark to his rescue. Nathan Malone is "dead", Noah Blake has been created.
Six years go by and both Noah and Bella are living a bleak existence, until Noah is told that his next mission is in his home town and one of his objectives is to infiltrate his way into his old workplace and to keep his wife out of danger.
To me Lora Leigh will always be the "Queen of Steam", her books are my go to if I am after something raunchy, and she always delivers.
However, her storylines are in depth, the suspense and mystery in this novel kept me interested right up until the end and although I had my suspicions, the bad guys still managed to surprise me with just how bad they were. What I am trying to say is that these books are very steamy, I am fanning myself just thinking about it,but it is not all consuming, the story is solid enough and the sexy times do not take over.
This is a great start to the new Elite Ops series. It was an emotional roller coaster, but that just got my blood pumping more. The tension of what was going to happen, kept me right on the edge of my seat and I was very happy with the end outcome.
If you are a fan of the romantic suspense genre I would recommend this book, give it ago.     

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