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Loving Mick 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.

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Betrayed and abandoned by a cheating husband, Jessie wants nothing more than a fling—until handsome detective Mick Landers finds both her missing son and the way to win “forever.”
"Jessie had never been bold when it came to men, but last night, after Mick had kissed her, she’d made a firm decision. Mick was her chosen target. Just the thought of pursuing an affair with him made her feel like a new woman. A new sexy, free woman.
Her BFF Heather had been so right. Jessie needed a fling to jump start her single life. Divorce sex had been Heather's term. And after Mick, who knew? Maybe she’d find another guy and do it again. Maybe she’d become a serial--what? Flinger? Was that even a word?
She grinned. It was now."


****This book is part of a blog tour, I received a copy in exchange for my honest review****

This book starts out with Jessica going to a New Years Eve party at her friends’ house, the next morning the make a list of qualities the perfect man for them would have. Jessica recently moved back to San Diego with her two children, her husband left her and she is emotionally messed up because of this. She doesn't want anything series so when she meets the hot cop Mick, she decides to have a post divorce fling. When things start to get series she has to decide if she is willing to open up and possibly be hurt again. Jessica was a smart, responsible, loving and a wonderful mother. Mick was a hot cop, who never let anyone get close. He always put the job first, when he meets Jessica his thinking begins to change. I liked the beginning of this book and the close friendship Jessica shares with Heather. I did want to see more interactions between Jessica and her other friends though. Jessica earned my respect when she decided not to mix her fling and her kids; she didn't want her kids to have another person leave them. I was disappointed when the relationship started to get series and Jessica still refused to let Mick interact with her kids. The sex scenes were mild/hot, a few of the scenes were more telling instead of showing.  I enjoyed the simplicity of this book, it was a straight forward love story.  


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