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Jason and Candace (Wolf's Mate#1) 18 +

The following review is for 18+ readers.

Jason & Cadence (Wolf's Mate, #1)
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For 14 years, alpha wolf Jason has watched his partially marked mate Cadence live her life without him. Circumstances force his hand and he must find a way to get her to uncover her buried memories of their past before someone else steps up to take her from him.
For as long as she can remember, hybrid wolf Cadence has loved Jason with every fiber of her being,but he’s consistently shoved her away until the love that’s there is bound tightly in anger and shame. No one can take his place in her heart, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t wolves willing to try.
Will Cadence be able to get through Jason’s icy demeanor to the heart of the boy she’s always loved? Can Jason undo the past so they will have a future together?
This book contains red-hot werewolf loving, plenty of neck biting, and misuse of a kitchen counter. The Wolf’s Mate is a book for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content


I was very excited to read this book, I have a fascination with wolves and shifters so it seemed like this would be the book for me.
I liked the characters, Candace had had it rough for a long time and I loved her determination to just get on with it. She was feisty and I cannot resist a feisty female. Jason, I liked as well. If we didn't have his point of view, then you would just think he was a jerk, but we do, so I could feel sorry for him and his impossible situation.
The tension between this couple was awesome and I was hanging on for every meeting and confrontation with them. I will also add that when this couple got down to the business, the sex was steamy and satisfying, just what you would expect from a paranormal romance.
The problem with this book, for me, was that even after everything was wrapped up and the problems solved, the couple reunited and the bad guy eliminated this book kept going. I thought that maybe we were going to get another issue pop up, but it just sort of waffled on until the end. To me there was an extra 30% of this book that we just did not need.
I hate saying things like that because obviously the writer has their reasons but from that point on in the book, my interest waned.
That is the reason for my 3 star rating. It would have been a lot higher if not for that.
I will still try and read more books in this series, because I believe it has promise and first books are always the hardest, because of all the world building and getting the feel for everything etc. Still, it was a solid paranormal romance, 3 stars.

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