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Falling into Paradise 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.

Falling Into Paradise 
3 of 5 stars false 
A woman too afraid to commit. A man too hurt to love again. A passion that refuses to be denied.
Sophie Redmond knew betrayal, she knew mistrust. She knew everything that was wrong with the world, until Damon Watson charmed his way into her life.The rules she used to shield her heart were broken one by one, as Damon showed her compassion and kindness.When no one else believes in her, he shows her hope. But is hope ever enough?
Damon knew trouble when he saw it. He was the sheriff. He could spot it a mile away and Sophie was trouble with a capital T. What was it about this City Slicker doctor that made him want to forget everything but those whiskey brown eyes and that honey blonde hair spilled against his naked chest.
Can Damon put the past behind him and choose to love again?
Reader Alert! Sophie thought sex was a game that could be controlled with rules, but add a playboy who knew every trick in the book, and she couldn’t help but throw her rule book away. Caution! Sophie and Damon tend to sizzle on the page as much as they do in bed, so take care to stock up on the ice!


Sophie is a newer doctor in a small town; she moved to get away from the scandal of a child dying and being blamed for it. Damon is the town’s sheriff and the resident town player. Damon wants Sophie and she is ok with it as long as they keep it as just sex with strict rules. When a kid dies and Sophie is blamed again, they have to find out what really happened. Sophie has to decide if she has room in heart for Damon and if she can trust him. Damon has to figure out if Sophie is worth the trouble and if he can get over his past. Sophie was a good female main character; she was smart, in control of her sexuality and strong.  She is bull headed, at times confusing and clueless, but she has a big heart. Damon is a playboy with relationship issues; he protects people and proves that he will do anything for the people he cares about. I liked this book, it had an interesting plotline, the characters were well written and there were surprises everywhere. The book was fast paced with lots of excitement and mystery. As much as I enjoyed this book I had to give it a lower rating, I felt like I was dropped into the book a couple chapters in, there was just something missing at the beginning of the book. I also really wanted an epilogue, it seemed like it just kind of ended. If this book had a prologue and a longer ending it would have been a solid five stars. Falling into Paradise is still a good exciting read, I was entertained and as promised the sex scenes were hot. 

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