Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twisted Dreams

 Twisted Dreams (The Dhampyre Chronicles, #1)  
 Born of a vampire father to a human mother, Elizabeth Bandores’ life was never going to be normal, so she can’t image why she thinks starting college will be any different.
Having grown up in the affluent Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles and desperate to escape, she decides on the small college town of Sage Springs. With dreams of being a writer, she joins the college newspaper and is introduced to blond, confident Flynn Matthews, Sage Springs’ rising swim star.
But a carnival has set up in the small town, and the boy running the Waltzer catches her eye. Dark-haired, leather-jacketed Riley is rude, with an air of danger. Elizabeth can’t help but notice him. And when an accident thrusts them together, she discovers he’s noticed her, too.
Sage Springs isn’t the quiet little town Elizabeth had hoped for. The forests bordering the town harbour a dark secret—one some of the residents have been trying to protect, and the leaders of the carnival have set in their sights... 

****Warwick House Press, via NetGalley, provided me with a complimentary advanced review copy of this for my honest review****
Elizabeth Bandores struggles like most girls her age. Only, she doesn't struggle with just the average growing pains. She's a Dhampyre, part vampire, part human. Oh, and she also has the ability of her touch bringing her glimpses into a person's life. Past, present, or future. Growing up could be tough, especially having to explain her father's "sun allergy" and avoiding physical contact when possible, but she has loving parents who supported her. Wanting to go away to school and try her hand at being "normal" takes some convincing but she does it. She is officially a student in a sleepy town called Sage Springs. When a freak accident and a carnival welcome her into her new town, she's wondering if it's just her luck or an omen of what's to come. Add a mysterious and attractive carnie named Riley, who seems to always be around when things go wrong, and Elizabeth is about the go on the journey of her life.
Even though this isn't the genre I really read much of anymore, I still really enjoyed this story. It felt slightly more YA than New Adult, even though the characters were NA age. Not to say the characters were excessively immature, just the opposite, they read like their age but in a positive way. It just had that feel. Besides her gift and parentage, Elizabeth is a normal girl trying to find her place in the world, it made her easy to bond with and follow her story. The levels and secrets of the story were a little predictable if you looked hard enough but intriguing. There seemed to be a supporting character for everyone. Ones to love and loath, ones you cheered when they met their demise, a few you forgot about, and others you hope pop up in future writing. Riley followed the bad boy with a chained up soft spot story to a t, ultimately just doing what he knew and coming through as the book went on. The coven and magic was detailed and brought more action to the writing. Overall, a fun rainy night read.   


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