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The Fire of Home

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The Fire of Home (Powell Springs, #3)

A scandalous homecoming...
When Amy Layton’s family learned she planned to steal her sister’s fiancĂ©, Amy left home in disgrace. But in 1922, she returns to Powell Springs to escape the violent man she married. Despite the town’s gossip, Amy is determined to rebuild her shattered life with the boardinghouse she inherited…and little else.
A terrible secret...
Deputy sheriff Baxter Duncan senses there’s more to Amy, his new landlady, than the rumors claim. Yet Bax respects her privacy. After all, a painful secret haunts him, too. And now that he’s found a future in Powell Springs, he refuses to let his dark and wretched past destroy everything he’s built.
A redemptive journey...
As Amy struggles to make amends with her family, she finds a kindred spirit in Bax. But just as they begin to trust each other, a new visitor arrives in town—and this person knows enough to ruin them both. After so much pain, can Amy and Bax still fight for their dreams…and win? 

****Montlake Romance, via NetGalley, provided me with a complimentary ARC of this book for an honest review***
Everyone has a past. Sometimes it's full of laughter and joy, and sometimes it's full of things you wish you could take back. Amy Layton knows all about past regrets, she left home to elope with a man who didn't have her heart, to run from the family and friends she hurt with her selfishness. She's spent the last few years living with the consequences of her actions and hiding the bruises of a man who said all the right things in the beginning. When she has no choice but to return to Powell Springs she learns just what it's like to be from a small town that never forgets your sins, but this may be they only second chance she ever gets.
Baxter Duncan has made a new life for himself in a new town. His past is behind him and his dreams of the future are becoming possible again. One run in with an infuriating woman when he's trying to be neighborly throws his whole world on it's axis and he finds his past coming crashing into his present in the town he hoped to call home for good. The only thing that may save them both is each other.
This story had me feeling so many things and even a little teary-eyed as early as 14%. I love the feeling of when a book stays with you, and The Fire of Home certainly did. The writing was engaging. The transfer between point of views was clear but smooth and easy to read. The writing addicting and seemingly flawless brought to life a world that I felt instantly transported to. It was a little more innocent than what I normally read, but the chemistry and buffet of emotions kept me coming back for more. This was the story of people with a rich history of heartbreak and pain. I loved every detail of it and wouldn't have minded if it were longer.

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