Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Never Okay

I'm about to step up on my soapbox and rant it will most include a few curse words so if that language offends you don't read this.

1) It's never ok to pirate an authors work, I don't give a rats ass if you are taking it for your own personal use or if you are taking it so you can give it to someone else, you wouldn't walk into a store and steal a dress or purse you pay for shit you want that's just the way it is.

2) Authors work really hard when you steal their stuff and distribute it for free you are taking money out of their pockets, people are not going to buy stuff that they can get for free.

3) It's illegal to pirate books, yes it is illegal to pirate books besides the fact that it is morally wrong there can be legal ramification all that information that is in the beginning of books is not just filler pages to make the book look thicker, it's the copyright information for the book.

4) If you have blog don't try to buy followers by offering giveaways with stolen shit, you should let your work speak for itself. Everyone loves giveaways but you don't have to have them.

5) If you really want to do a giveaway and you don't have the money yourself to personally finance it or become an associate and put some advertising on your page, earn the money.

6) If you are impatient you can always ask an author, because guess what when you're not trying to be greedy and steal lots of their work they are more than happy to donate a couple books for your giveaway.

7) Authors and bloggers have a relationship that is built on trust, an author trusts a blogger not to pirate their work and to give them an honest review of it, they get exposure for their work as well. Bloggers in turn can receive advanced review copies and free books from authors, many people also become good friends with authors and other bloggers. When some shitheads go out and do something for their own personal gain it makes new authors question if they can trust bloggers and other authors can start wondering the same thing.

Bottom line if you are a blogger then you need to have respect for what you do, you need to have respect for authors and you need to have respect for your readers. As one person said on Facebook we talk, a lot if you are doing something shady people will find out and while some people are decent and will protect your identity other people won't be as nice. So if you are doing something you're not supposed to own up to it apologize to the people you have wronged and see if there is anything you can do to make it up to them. 

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