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You Can Call Me Miranda

You Can Call Me Miranda
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I was born to dance. I may have even become the best ballerina this country has ever seen. But when you have no one to guide you as a young person, you become very lost. I craved love and attention, and I found it in men.
I’ve always had a certain allure that draws men to me. I worked that out at a very young age. At first it was fun teasing them, then a thrill … then it was just easy. Men were just too easy.
I loved the way they looked at me when I danced for them, the way they stared at my body. I danced for men who paid to watch. Then he found me. I was the next desperate girl, ripe for the picking. If only I knew what I was being picked for.
This is my story. This is how I lost the girl I once was. Now, you can call me Miranda.


***The author provided me with an ARC of this novella for my honest review***
Mia is on her way to the top. She has gained the attention of all the right people and won the lead role in her schools next production of Giselle.
A rare night out to let her hair down leads to disaster in the form of an accident that takes away her dream.
This is a prequel to Buying Thyme, a book that I read and reviewed recently. It is a short introduction to the main character "Miranda" and gives us an explanation of how she ended up being a prostitute. I really liked it; the previous book was a real winner for me and a lot of the questions I had were answered.
I felt sorry for Mia/Miranda at how a series of events robbed her of her future. I did, however, feel like she just accepted things to quickly and was very naive. I was very excited about seeing who her very first "customer" was as he was someone that held my fascination in the first book.
All in all, I think this author has a knack for writing an interesting story, something different from the norm. I am looking forward to seeing more from TJ Hamilton in the future.
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