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Baggage Check

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At thirty-five, Rebecca Williamson is surrounded by happy endings. Her friends Suzanne and Marci are living out their own personal fairy tales in Atlanta, Georgia. But despite Rebecca’s best efforts four years ago, her adorable college friend Jake Stillwell has officially slipped through her fingers and broken her heart. Even though her job as a flight attendant fits perfectly with her orderly nature, and brings her into contact with lots of eligible men, she can’t seem to find a man who is Jake’s equal.
Then a frantic phone call from her mother in Oreville, Alabama turns Rebecca’s structured life on its ear. She will find herself back in the tiny town she worked so hard to leave behind, and thrown together with Deputy Alex Chen, a face from the past who’s made it clear he thinks of Rebecca as more than just an old friend’s kid sister.
But Alex is nothing like what Rebecca had in mind; and in the meantime, she has other battles to fight, including her painful family history. Can she navigate the chaos and get her life back to normal? Will Alex prove himself to be the friend she's always needed? Or will she discover that the door to Jake is not as tightly closed as she thought?


****The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review****
I am not going to recap this book because I believe the blurb above does a very thorough job. Baggage Check is a very aptly named book, cause oh boy does Rebecca Williamson have some baggage. Stuck in a rut, in love with her friend's husband, disconnected from her friends, lonely, uptight......there wasn't much going for this lady in the beginning.
In fact, I did struggle with her defense mechanism rudeness throughout the story ( I was getting all twitchy, which I do in real life when someone is being rude).
Now I understand family obligation, buried resentment and hurt, disconnected family, but still she made me mad.
This book was a bit slow to me; there were certain parts where I was pushing myself to finish it, well except the scenes with Will, hehe. Unfortunately,the romance between these two sort of seemed like a side story to all of Rebecca's problems and that was an issue for me. I do like my romance to be the main theme.
In saying all this after pushing through, I did get invested in Rebecca's story. Someone so unhappy and clueless surely deserves some happiness dammit!! In the end, I was happy with the character development and growth and of course the outcome.
This was a solid 3 star book for me, a little bit more romance and action would have knocked it up a star.

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