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When your life is shattered you can live damaged or repair it.
With a signed death warrant and final appeals running out, Tess Olsen anticipates the execution of the man her mother deserted her family for thirteen years ago. Randall Wright s death will expel his disturbing legacy and return her mother to her; it s as simple as that, or so she believes. But Wright robbed her life of more than just her mother and like a splinter slowly and painfully working its way to the surface, those stolen pieces begin emerging.
Working as an art conservator in New York City, Tess keeps an emotional distance from co-workers. She has no close ties since isolating herself during her teen years when the tale of Wright s crimes, trial, and marriage to her mother was published in a Pulitzer Prize winning article. She yearns for the family she had and is unable to accept who they are now.
Tess is dating Ben Elliot, an art critic for the New York Times. The relationship both intrigues and unnerves her. Unlike men she s dated in the past, he is more interested in her than her physical attributes and any sex she can offer. Although drawn to Ben, she is more comfortable with men like Kenyon LeMere, a brazen artist Ben introduces her to who has a reputation for translating his sexual liaisons into art.
Restoration chronicles Tess Olsen s challenge to restore her life, relationships, and dreams back to the promise they held before Randal Wright.


****Barks Out Loud through NetGalley provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review****
This book in a beautifully emotionally charged story that will leave the reader on the edge of your seat. This is the journey of Tess, a girl who has been abandoned by her own mother, discarded and left to fend for herself. She thinks that her stepfather's death will bring about healing and return the one woman who she should have always been able to rely on. While she waits she allows her life to always be missing something, she allows her mother to take more than her support and love from her, she allows her to take the spark from her very soul. Restoration is a story of just that, Tess journey to restore her life and herself. It's a powerful journey that I found riveting and deep. Tess was a superbly developed character that I enjoyed following on her journey. I didn't find many of the side characters redeeming but it only added onto the feeling of hope you felt for this character as she grew. The ending didn't tie everything in a neat bow, it allowed the reader's imagination to shape a little bit to suite them. A very powerful book!
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