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Freedom to Submit (Freedom, Colorado #1)

 Freedom to Submit (Freedom, Colorado #1) 
3 of 5 stars false1/2
 Smart, curvy, surveillance expert Danisa Milan captures a killer’s crime on video. When he threatens her life, her high school dream man, Sheriff Brady Braxson, insists she move in with him and his Dom rancher roommate, Lucas Holt. Maybe it’s the danger she’s in, but her desire explodes being around them, and she loses her heart to both. But are they only acting like they want her because she’s in their care, or do they want her to be their submissive for life?
Brady and Lucas find Dani perfect in every way, but they don’t want to overwhelm the ménage virgin. What can they do to convince her to be theirs forever?
When the killer is found dead, everyone thinks the danger is over. Then Danisa finds evidence someone else is behind the murder, and their lives tailspin. Can the men reach her in time before she’s killed, too?


****Season Publishing through NetGalley provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review****
Freedom to Submit is the story of Danisa Milan, Brady Braxson and Lucas Holt. Danisa finds herself back in her home town and starting up her own surveillance business with her 2 college roommates. When she takes a job following a business man who seems to be stepping out on his wife, she never bargained she'd be a witness to a murder or that the murder would be after her next to clean up loose ends. Sheriff Brady Braxson is called to the scene of a shooting where the witness is none other than Danisa, a girl he went to high school with but hasn't seen in years. When the girls are released from the scene and drive home, the killer comes after them leaving Brady unwilling to let Danisa unprotected and making plans to protect her in his own home. Danisa can't believe she's going to the home of the man she was in love with in high school, and she can't believe her luck when she meets his gorgeous roommate and owner of the ranch, Lucas Holt. After a few steamy encounters and learning they are looking for a future with a woman they can share, Danisa has to choose if she's willing to change her vision of her HEA, and can handle the restraints and whips that go with it.
I love menage, I love BDSM, and I love romantic suspense. Winner right? Well, it was and it wasn't. Being a novella I have to say we still got a decent story and you didn't feel robbed when you were done, however, it wasn't a home run for me. The characters were great but I had a problem with the BDSM, it wasn't genuine and was rushed. Danisa just meets Lucas and already she's calling him Sir, Brady Master and "submitting". Nothing felt real, it just felt like they were using titles to be kinky. It was still steamy but none of it felt real. The sex was still steamy even though terms like "weeping hole" sound more like an ailment than a turn on (don't worry, it wasn't all like that, just a few terms that gave me chills snuck in). The suspense with the murderer and mystery was intense in the beginning but then fell flat by the second half and just kind of ended and left the reader saying oh, that's it? The writing was entertaining though and smooth. All in all it set up for a fun series that I will come back to.
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