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Daughter of Sherwood

Daughter of Sherwood (The Guardians of Sherwood, #1)
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 Raised in the kitchens of Nottingham Castle, Wren has no idea she is the daughter of the legendary Robin Hood until she is summoned to Sherwood Forest. Since Robin's death many years before, the resistance against Norman tyranny has been upheld by a magical triad, but now one of the guardians has died. With two young men, Sparrow and Martin, Wren must form a new triad with a bond strong enough to defend Sherwood's magic. To one of them, she will also give her heart.
From the moment Wren bursts into his life, Sparrow loves her. But he knows she may choose his lifelong rival, Martin, as her mate. Martin wants Wren also, but Sparrow fears Martin is driven not by love but by ambition. When Martin is captured and held at Nottingham Castle, will the conflict between love and duty destroy the triad?


****I was given a copy of this book for my honest review****
I don't even know where to start with this a lover of the tale of Robin Hood how could I not be drawn into this world that Laura Strickland has written for us.
Wren, the secret daughter of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, Sparrow Little and Martin Scarlet (these last names ringing any bells for you?)face a torturous decision. Fated to love one another, but knowing only two can be together these three have to find away to form a suitable triad to keep the people and the magic of Sherwood alive. And with it all of the beliefs of Robin Hood, his battle for the serfs and justice for all.
I have to say I was immediately enamoured with this storyline. It is just a little bit special :)
Different, but not out of place, while reading it, this storyline didn't feel like a far stretch of the imagination.
The love triangle is one of the best I have ever read. My heart knew what it wanted to happen from my very first meeting of a certain character ( I am not going to spoil it for you!) . These characters will draw you into there story and you will be left wanting just a little bit more....sign of a good book.
Daughter of Sherwood is an imaginative and most enjoyable story.
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