Monday, September 23, 2013

That First Kiss

That First Kiss (Night Calls, #2) 
 4 of 5 stars false1/2
Mercurial and charming, Tate Larson is a rising author and playboy who has a different woman on his arm every night of the week. Focused on his work, Tate has no plans to settle down any time soon. That is until he meets his pretty new assistant, Piper Donovan.
Desperate to escape the promise of backwater living, Piper ditched her Alabama hometown and never looked back. That was almost two years ago. Now that she is out of a job and her bank account is running on fumes, she’s desperate to find a job, fast. She finds the break she is searching for when she lands a position at Bookish Temptations. A little dancing and a lot of drinks with the girls seem the perfect way to celebrate. After a brief but explosive encounter with a man she was never supposed to see again turns out to be the same man she will be bending over backwards to please, her every instinct tells her to run. But when running means leaving the life she has struggled so hard to create, Piper decides her only option is to continue working for the devastatingly sexy Tate Larson...even if it kills her.
Unable to deny their growing attraction, they struggle to keep their distance in a relationship that requires anything but.


****The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review****
Tate is in his prime lots of woman and a promising future as an author. Piper is trying to stay far away from her roots; she needs to job now so she takes one knowing the boss is a bit of a bastard. She goes to celebrate with her friends, meets a gorgeous man and they have a little "meeting" in the bathroom. Both of them thought they wouldn't see each other again, but fate the tricky bitch kicks them both in the teeth and it turns out that Pipers' new job is being the assistant to the bathroom god aka Tate the jackass. The two of them try to keep their attraction at bay and put some distance between them, but is easier said than done and the two of them are about to find out it's impossible to forget that first kiss. The title of this book does not do justice to how hot it is That First Kiss sounds so sweet and cute. This book starts out red hot, then keeps you at a boil with sexual tension just when you’re about ready to strangle the people you get some good stuff, and then you’re boiling again. Tate can be the biggest doucheater on the planet and then he does something sweet, it's hard not to fall in love with the guy. Piper had to have the patience of a saint to deal with him, yes sometimes she acted like an adolescent but if I was her I would have done the same thing. This was a great hot sexy read, not something that you want to be reading in a room full of people or if you’re looking to relax. It will have you on edge with the characters emotional angst, it will also have you laughing and reaching for a fan and a cold glass of water. J.C. Valentine is being added to my list of automatics author to buy and must have my husband home to read.

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