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Archer (Hard Body 1)

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Archer (Hard Body, #1)
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She's on the run . . .
Jane Beaumont currently has in her possession: a cat, a hundred grand in cash, and a pistol. She's on her way home to Bay City, Oregon-and away from the nightmare of her violent ex-boyfriend. She'll lay low at Beaumont Body Shop, a car detailer that runs a private investigation agency in the back. The only wrench in her plan is Kage Archer: sexy, strong, and intent on protecting Jane at all costs. She's wanted Kage forever, but putting him in harm's way is not a risk she's willing to take.
He's not going anywhere
Kage is no stranger to the dark side of life, but he's always walked on the right side of the law. Yet when Jane expressed her interest in him years ago, he pushed her away for her own good. Now, after learning of all she's endured, Kage can't leave her side-or hide his need for her. When a frightening situation turns dire, can Kage convince Jane that the safest place to be is in his arms?


****I was given a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review****
Jane Beaumont has always been in love with Kage Archer. Her brother's best friend and one of the founding members of the private investigative business they run out of the family body shop, he's always been around to protect her. Unfortunately, he's always been in the friend zone. Years ago she put herself out there only to get pushed away. She swore she wouldn't do it again, even if her feelings for him didn't change.
Kage Archer knows he's no good for Jane. How could he be when his family's name is associated with so much crime and nefarious dealings? So he decided to try to keep her at a distance emotionally while keeping an eye out to protect her. The night she tried to kiss him? Still burned into his brain years later, even when he turned her down because he wasn't the guy who deserved her attention.
After living with a man who turns out to be not at all what he seems, Jane needs help and it turns out Kage is just the man for the job, even if it equals fighting the feelings they've had for each other all this time to keep her safe. Archer hit all the right buttons for me. Jane wasn't some wilting heroine that needed saving. She needed Kage but made sure she did what she could for herself and her own, even if they didn't always work out. Archer was sexy and a little emotionally tortured instant attachment to both. Jane's brother and the other guys at the body shop/private investigative business were fantastic. Little side stories that blended seamlessly with the storyline prepared you for the next book and left you wanting to read them now. Jane's friends were great as well and proved to have potential as great heroines as well. Just a great action filled and sexy romance to add to your reading pile.

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