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Forceful Negotiations (Carmine Club, #1) 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.
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Forceful Negotiations (Carmine Club, #1) 
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Why would a former beauty queen and ex-wife of a billionaire become a pimp? Sending the demigod of lust, Eros, to find out why Willa Davis Seachrist is running a secret sex club seems like the solution to Saint Peter’s problems.
Teague Tillis comes to Carmine House in search of a man to make her fantasies come true. When former prosecutor Cam Calloway wins the bid for Teague, her fantasy challenges everything he believes, but if he can't satisfy her, conniving Willa will offer her to his nemesis.
Welcome to Carmine Club. The cost to join is a price you've already paid.


****I was given a copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review****
Warning: This book contains graphic scenes depicting consensual rape fantasies and public sex acts.
Teague Tillis is about to have her fantasy come true. She's always had these desires she's been taught by society to be ashamed of, to hide from the lovers in her life because it's taboo. Taking control she accepts her best friend's offer to be auctioned off as part of her aunt's venture known as Carmichael club. The twist? The man who wins Teague at the auction has to act out her fantasy.
Cam Calloway is fascinated with the blonde in the silver mask. He may not be able to see her face but something about her draws him to her, she's the only one he touches, the only one he's interested in bidding on. Beginner's luck or fate that his number gets chosen out of the winning bidders?
However, once he reads her fantasy can the guy who's always lost the girl due to being the "nice guy" and who used to make a living putting men that do the same thing behind bars, give her what she needs? Add a humorous Eros(cupid) who has been sent to earth to help Willa, Carmichael club's founder and it becomes an interesting start to a series with loads of potential.
In general this book was interesting but parts felt random, the flow of the writing could have improved. The whole Eros (cupid) element felt just there to lead into the rest of the series, causing you to scratch your head. There wasn't a ton of story but the characters were well developed. I will pick up the next book in the series, but it won't be something I can't live without.

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