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Autumn Fire 18+

Dustin likes the closet. It’s warm, comfy, and dark. Who needs to be out when you can get all the anonymous sex you want via the internet? And, besides, coming out is messy and gets you nowhere—certainly not a relationship. Real gay love is fiction. When Dustin meets CollegeJock22 for a quick blow-and-go in the university library men’s room, everything he thought he knew crumbles. He can’t get that man out of his head and will do almost anything to have him. The only problem? CollegeJock22 is even more in the closet than Dustin. He’s in so deep he can’t even see the crack of light under the door.
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****This book was part of a blog tour I received a free copy for my honest review****
This book is raunchy, sexy fun, with fun characters you really care about, with a side dish of romance.
Dustin is a closeted gay man. He's known his sexual preferences for years now but finds himself jaded about love, especially in the gay community. As if love wasn't hard enough in general, he has seen the pressure from the outside world and it's effects, views and how it affects a relationship. Not for him. No way. He figures he can just get through college, find himself a nice girl to settle down with, and have men on the side with discretion. That's what everyone does right? Not new to the gay hook up scene. he schedules a random bathroom meeting with another closeted gay man. Turns out he meets Kyle. Kyle hasn't had the same experiences to become jaded, because Dustin is his first., and fights his instinct the whole way. If only these things came with a warning label, Dustin and Kyle could have prepared themselves for just how much their lives are about to change.
Autumn Fire is not for the faint of heart. It's hot, descriptive without being trashy, but also has a sweet side. Your heart breaks for these characters and the uphill battles they face. It's like you're reading about your best friend, the boy next door. M/M fans are going to love this one!

When Cameron D James isn’t writing gay erotic romance, he can be found studying for his Masters, working in his dull office job, or reading five books at once. But, really, you’re most likely to find him writing. He loves crafting hot, sexy, sweaty, throbbing scenes, interwoven with lust and deep emotions for an orgasmic whole. He writes out of a love of characters, wherever those characters may lead.
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Inspiration for my Writing
A lot of people ask me where I get my ideas, and since I write m/m erotic romance, a lot of those people also wonder if this is secretly a retelling of my sexual escapades. Well, I hate to shatter illusions and come across as Mr. Boring, but my sex life is not that sordid. At least, I don’t think my sex life is that sordid. Other people may disagree.
For me, whether I’m writing m/m erotic romance or science fiction (another favorite genre of mine), my inspiration invariably comes from my characters. My writing is carried on my character development.
For Dustin, Kyle, and all of the others in Autumn Fire, I didn’t go quite to the extent that I sometimes do. I had files that detailed all of the biological stuff, like eye color, hair, approximate height and weight, and other such details. But I also wrote down reasons for why characters think and act like they do. People rarely think or act out of character – there’s always a reason they do things that they do.
For a longer novel, like the science fiction that I occasionally dabble in (but have not yet been published in), my files are much more complex. I’ve got histories for my characters that detail their relationships, families, work and school, political affiliation, fears and uncertainties, and driving motivation.
I find that not only are strong characters relatable characters, but they can also be the source for a moving character-based plot. My plots are almost always based in the characters and how they relate to each other – for that is where drama is the highest.
I find if I’m reading a book that has an awesome plot, but the characters are essentially cardboard cutouts, I really can’t get into it. I personally need three-dimensional characters, and so I make sure my books are fully stocked with them.

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