Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deadly Eyes

Deadly Eyes 
 3 of 5 stars false 
#1 on Recommended Thriller/Suspense list at Goodreads
(Something quite unique: To provide for individual reading preference, this book has TWO alternative endings, one of which is much darker than the other.)
AN AWARD-WINNING SUSPENSEFUL CARIBBEAN MYSTERY - romantic suspense on an exotic island.
James Cuffy, better known as Cuff, is living in paradise with his girlfriend, Rosie, on the small Caribbean island of St. Croix, where the sky is as blue as Cuff's eyes, the ocean as pretty as Rosie's cheeks, where the gentle lapping of the waves is a lullaby, and the swaying of the palm trees is a dance. The sandy beaches are as white as sugar, and the horizon is a world away. St. Croix indeed is paradise, the perfect place for living, laughing, and loving.
But the sandy beaches and the turquoise sea can provide no cover from the deadly eyes of the unknown stalker pursuing Cuff. Murder leads to murder as he attempts to untangle the terrible web in which he has suddenly become entangled.
The twists and turns are many, the roads of the fast action leading in all directions. Cuff and Rosie are relentlessly pursued by a diabolical force that shows them no mercy. Do these two good people stand a chance against such sheer evil? 


****I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.****
" The Caribbean sun was hot, but the gentle trade winds and cold Heineken made
everything just perfect. The little island of St. Croix truly was paradise in the flesh.
“I’ve got a proposition for you.”
Cuff looked up at the man’s paunch. “You’re talking to the wrong guy.”
“It’s not what you’re thinking.”
Cuff let his silence do his talking for him.
“One hundred bucks in it for you, for six hours of your time.” "
It all started with a seemingly strange but innocent conversation. Cuff has escaped to the island of St. Croix to get away from the false accusation that ruined his life and career and finds himself in a situation he never imagined.
Hang on for a ride! This book wasn't without it's flaws but all in all was an enjoyable book. There were a lot of repeated phrases and facts which was the main cause for the 3 star rating, but the story kept me hooked and reading till the end. A promising mystery writer! 

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