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Dark Water

Dark Water
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Lacy DeGeorgio never imagined she'd have to be responsible for anyone but herself. She's strong, stubborn and fiercely independent. She needs no one. She's a woman determined to do things her way, on her own. But when a freak boating accident takes her sister Hannah's life, Lacy finds herself not only back in her hometown of Lake George, New York, but in a custody battle for her eleven-year-old nephew, Andy. Just when things couldn't get any worse, pesky State Trooper Frank Harmon starts showing up, tearing down all her defenses, making her want things she's never wanted before. She'll trust him with her nephew, but can she trust him with her heart? New York State Trooper Frank Harmon is a man of honor and duty. He's always done things by the book, believing the law always works in favor of those who uphold it. Until the day he took a domestic disturbance call at the DeGeorgio Trailer, and even though he knew something bad was about to happen, he had to walk away. Two days later, he pulled Hannah DeGeorgio's body from the icy cold waters of Lake George, changing his life forever. He sets out to make sure Hannah's killer is brought to justice and in the process makes a home for a family he thought he never wanted.


****The author provided me with a copy of this book for my honest review. ****
I won't repeat what this book is about because I believe the blurb has done a very thorough job. What I will say as that this was a very enjoyable romantic suspense novel. The storyline was steeped in mystery and intrigue. Although you sort of know who the problem is you are trying to figure out why and what they will do next. I felt awful for Lacy she really was being set up and I didn't like it one bit. Frank was an amazing but troubled gentlemen. He was truly set on the path of making everything right and I couldn't fault him for his honour and integrity. In fact both of these characters and Andy, Lacy's 11 year old nephew, have been left troubled by things in their pasts and the healing they all took in each other was lovely to read about. I felt a whole range of emotions right along with them, hope, anger, anxiety, fear. It is always a sign of a good book to me when it inspires different emotions.
This book wasn't long or drawn out, it was smoothly written with a great flow.
It is the second book in a series and even though I have not read the first one I didn't feel I was missing anything. I am actually looking forward to picking up the first book because this one was such pleasure to read. If romantic suspense is your thing, this is definitely a solid read and I would recommend it.

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