Friday, May 17, 2013

The Lady and the Unicorn 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.
The Lady and the Unicorn: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance
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Rafe Santine is under doctor’s orders: He needs to stay put in his coastal California mansion for two months to recuperate from the pneumonia that nearly killed him. Despite a retinue of mistresses to keep the powerful tycoon occupied, Rafe struggles against boredom—until a stunning woman literally drops onto his estate. She has high demands of him, but Rafe has even greater demands of her. He knows instantly that he must possess every facet of the enigmatic Janna. But the only thing she’ll give him is her body—and for the first time in his life, that is not enough for Rafe.
Janna Cannon is willing to risk it all to save the endangered animals of the wild animal reserve where she works as a game warden. With the land they depend on pulled out from under them, Janna must take a gambit to convince billionaire Santine to give the reserve the real estate they need to keep the animals free. And she’ll need to sneak onto the man’s vast, highly protected property to do it. Much to her surprise, Santine agrees to grant her the land—if Janna agrees to give him herself in exchange. And what begins as luxurious captivity soon turns into an emotional awakening she never expected.


***I received this book from Random House Publishing Group -Loveswept via Netgalley for my honest review.****
The Lady and the Unicorn took me back. I mean literally took me back, I grew up with my mothers steamy romance novels, Johanna Lindsey and Rosemary Rogers and that was the general feel of this book.
The hero, Rafe, (squee love that name for a hero!!) is a self made billionaire, jaded by life, he just takes what he wants. He is not used to hearing the word no, and he has definitely not had to pursue what he wants in a long time.
His head is instantly turned by Janna, she is an innocent who is totally unselfish, who does not see the world the same as Rafe and those that surround him. She is after a donation of land for her wildlife reserve that he owns. Rafe puts in place a plan, two months with him, totally at his beck and call for the land.
I know that lots of people may find that this book is filled with corny phrases of its time. It was originally published in 1983, but to me this is what was part of the charm of this book. I loved those bodice ripper with the totally unreasonable, take what they want men. Their pursuit very primal and it's why I love my alpha men today. In fact Rafe very much reminded me of a certain Jesse from a very recent series of books, especially his purposeful plan to entrap Janna with pregnancy. I just loved it, call me twisted and backward if you want, I like what I like :)
The Lady and The Unicorn gets 4 stars from me, for making me travel back in time to books that I knew what I was getting when I opened the covers, and that was pure pleasure. Thank you Iris Johansen, I will be amending my awful neglect of your books, this one was a joy to read. 

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