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Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.

Princess Miri: An Erotic Coming of Age Monster Romance
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Princess Miri is a bitch and the heir to the throne and she might have accidentally fallen in love with a monster.
It's common knowledge that everyone hates Miri, which is why it surprises her when her rival gives her a pet troll servant for her eighteenth birthday. Thump, as Miri names the husky monster, will do everything she asks. Or that's what she thinks.
When her demands lead to experimentation and sexual teasing, Miri realizes this isn't quite the case. One disobeyed order ends with a bang, literally, and her and Thump in an unclothed, carnal mess atop her now-broken bed.
A troll coupling with a human? Disgusting!
She should be furious! Irate! And maybe she is, but she's curious, too...
She never thought she could open up to anyone before, always believed she needed to act harsh and stern in order to ascend to the throne. Unfortunately for Miri, while she discreetly explores her taboo sexuality with Thump, someone's plotting to exploit her shameful secret and ruin the Princess's reputation...
Alluring, erotic, and playful. This provocative story of a Princess and her troll will delight you, entice you, and keep you excited long after you're done.
This book is intended for mature audiences


****This book was part of a blog tour I received a copy for my honest review****
This book really is a delicious bit of fun.
Princess Miri as a self absorbed, narcissistic, spoiled brat of a princess. She cares for no one but herself. When she steals a friends boyfriend, she doesn't even realize what she has done and doesn't even think there would be any consequences. Said "friend" sends her a birthday present, a Troll, who Miri calls Thump. She takes him everywhere and eventually she is on a path to an erotic journey of another kind. But little does she know that her shameful little secret is about to become public knowledge.
Princess Miri's Erotic coming of age monster romance is really for readers with kinks of a different persuasion. With magical fairytale romance setting of royalty, servants and castles, trolls and centaurs, in an erotic book you can imagine where this is going. Thump and Miri's sexual exploration becomes the theme of the book and Miri's slow (very slow) realization that she may love her monster and not just lust after him. Miri's character is really hard to like but the book is so wacky and the things that come out of her mouth so outrageous and hilarious at times that it is hard to hate her.Thump is described as a hideous troll, yet he has more heart and feeling than Miri. I can't say I was really attached emotionally to the characters but they were definitely amusing and kept my attention.
I Iike my taboo monster romance books to be a bit light hearted and fun and this one definitely was. It helps to balance out the grotesque but somehow fascinating erotic scenes.
Which brings me to the erotic scenes. I never like to truly analyze what it is about monster porn books that pull me in, I guess I just like taboo romance because these sort of stories, usually include dubious consent and well just sex of a different sort. Princess Miri's story had all that I like in my "monster porn" and I will be looking forward to more from this author and more for Thump and Miri :)
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  1. I'm glad you liked the book! I like serious things sometimes, but I tend to always end up writing something silly eventually to break it up. With Princess Miri, I think I did the opposite, though. Mostly it's goofy, but with some serious parts here and there.

    I'm happy you found the story fun! There will definitely be more lighthearted, fun monster stories from me in the future.

  2. It was very fun, I try not to take myself to seriously and I think that is why I can get into this type of book. It was very enjoyable and I am definitely looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

  3. I loved this book too ;) It was so naughty and fun. Have you read Bloodraven by PL Nunn? It's not what I'd call "fun" or light but it has some monster lovin' and is one of my favorite m/m fantasy novels.

    PS Glad I found your blog via the tour today :) I'm featuring Princess Miri today on My Blog

  4. "A delicious bit of fun" - SOLD!!!