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Seeing Red

Seeing Red 
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There's the old adage: 'Two heads are better than one'. But when it comes to lovers - it doesn't really work so well. Actually, it’s kind of creepy. Especially when the two heads belong to twin brothers. That’s one of the many dilemma’s Jillian Stone is facing in her non-existent love life. As if Jillian Stone's life didn’t just become complicated enough, considering that she’s also psychic, her seductively mysterious professor starts relentlessly and inappropriately courting her too.
Raised on a deserted island for twelve years after a plane crash. Jillian Stone, AKA ‘Red’ is reunited with her twins, Alexander and Oliver Jacobs, who lived with her on the island all those years. Now twenty-two years old, these childhood friends may not stay ‘just friends’ when Red realizes these twins have returned to her life in all their gorgeous and protective alpha-male glory. Jillian, a law student, an introvert, and a closeted psychic, is torn between the sexy-bad boy Alexander, and Oliver, the loyal and dedicated confidante. And just in case there weren’t enough men in her life, Paul Black, her professor, comes along and begins relentlessly and inappropriately pursuing her. Meanwhile, her psychic visions begin to get more frequent as visions of a red-haired man begin haunting her daily. Someone closer than she knows is looking for her—and not for good reasons.
One woman, three men. Whatever happens - someone's going to lose


****This book was part of a blog tour, I received a copy for my honest review****
Jillian has survived a plane crash and living on a deserted island for twelve years, now she is in law school. The two men who were on the island with her want more than a friendship, her law professor has taken an interest in her and she is having a lot of psychic visions. First off I have to say I love the main characters name, Jillian it's such a pretty name and since it is also my name I have a certain affinity for it. Jillian is a smart, driven woman, she has adjusted really well and her life is going pretty good. Her psychic visions give a nice little twist to the plot line, but the three men and her problems choosing are what really drives this book. I have to say I am a bit burned out on the whole every man wants this woman and now she has to make a touch choice between them. I liked the characters, Alexander and Oliver were twins but have two very different and distinctive personalities. Paul was more of an annoyance than anything else, I felt that him pursing Jillian was inappropriate. I really did like this book, it had a great mystery to it, the writing was great but I just couldn't fully enjoy it. If the book hadn't been so focused on who the heroine was going to pick, then I would have liked it more. I wanted to read more about Jillians psychic visions and how she has dealt with them. Overall for me this was a good book, if you like love triangles and books with a little mystery then you will love this book.


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