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Identity Crisis


Identity Crisis 
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When Olivia Doyle’s father dies under suspicious circumstances, rather than inheriting a family fortune, she inherits a new identity. She learns they were placed in the Federal Witness Security Program when she was five years old. Her father was involved in an art forgery ring and testified against the mob. Brought up not to trust anyone, Olivia has a difficult time relying on U.S. Marshal Ethan Ryder to protect her, and to keep her secret. She fears her father may have continued his life of crime through her art gallery. She has little choice but to depend on Ethan when she realizes someone is now after her. Olivia’s search for the truth leads her and Ethan across country to a family and past she doesn’t remember.
At the age of ten, Ethan witnessed a brutal murder. He vowed when he grew up, he’d protect people in danger. Protecting Olivia is difficult when she won’t trust him. He soon realizes his desire to protect her goes beyond doing his job, but if his judgment becomes clouded by emotions, her safety could be jeopardized.
Can Ethan and Olivia learn to trust each other when they uncover secrets that will change their lives forever?


****This book was part of a blog tour, I received a copy for my honest review****
Olivias father has just died at the funeral their priest gives her an envelope that changes her entire life. She finds out that they were really in the witness protection program, her farther sold art forgeries and now somebody is after her. Ethan is the new agent assigned to her case after the original case agent died protecting another witness. The two of them are fighting the attraction towards each other, they have to learn to trust one another or both of them could end up killed. Olivia is a paranoid, smart and at times sassy heroine, her life gets turned upside down and yet she keeps it together. Ethan had a messed up childhood, he doesn't let people beyond his aunt get close to him. The two of them together have great chemistry, the conversations they had ranged from amusing to deep and heartfelt. The mystery in this book is what had me hooked, the author did a wonderful job of letting out little tidbits of information without making you feel like the book was to long or drawn out. It kept me guessing and wondering what is going to happen next, I loved the little shocker at the end. This was a great book with wonderful character and creative writing with a flair. If you like romance, mystery or suspense novels then you should definitely pick up Identity Crisis for your next read.

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