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Gail Koger

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I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher for thirty-one years and to keep insanity at bay, I took up writing. Not to worry. The insanity isn’t catching – much. Other than the addiction to chocolate and the twitch in my left eye, I’m good. I’ve had my weird but true stories published in newspapers and magazines. Just My Luck, The Warlord’s Comeuppance, The Nasty Vamp and I Hear Voices are still available at Amazon. Vexing Voss is the next in the Coletti Warlord series.
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1.A few of the heroines in your books have an aversion to spiders, are you afraid of them?

Me? Afraid? Have you seen the spiders in Arizona? They're BIG! Really big and creepy. Like the Wolf spider. Hairy as Bigfoot and as fast as a barracuda. Their green eyes shine in the dark. At night my yard turns into something out of a horror movie. I never venture into the backyard without a can of Raid in each hand.
A word to the wise. Never, ever stomp on them in your house. I made that horrible mistake. Once. Momma Wolf spider carries her young on her body and when I did the Cha-Cha on her ass, hundreds of those little suckers ran in every direction.
I grabbed a broom and started whacking. Okay, I was screaming a little, too. My poor neighbors thought I was being murdered and called 9-1-1. On the bright side, I got a date with a really cute cop and a brawny exterminator.
2. The Nasty Vamp is my favorite book to read when I need a good pick me up laugh, have you thought of writing more books with those characters in it?
Imagine Ben St. Croix, the werewolf Alpha of Las Vegas, forced to protect Bambi, the clueless vampire slayer. The Vegas' bookies place her odds of survival at 100 to 1.
3. Do you have a release date for Vexing Voss yet?
Whispers, my publisher is closing its door on June 30th. I am in the process of finding a new home for my Coletti Warlord series.
4. Are you currently working on any new books?
I just finished Vexing Voss and I'm now working on Zarek's Angels, the next in the Coletti Warlord series.
Vexing Voss: Determined to find her mother's killer, Zoey must evade capture by a ruthless Warlord; but when her clever disguises, skunk perfume, stun gun, smoke bombs and tranquillizer darts fail to stop him, she’s forced to negotiate her surrender.
Zarek's Angels: Mog the Merciless, the Tai-Kok supreme commander, traps Voss, Zarek, Talree, and Sariel on an airless moon with only five hours of breathable air. They either surrender or die. But Mog made one big mistake. He doesn't think the Warlord's mates are any kind of threat.
5. What is your favorite book of 2013 so far?
I love all of Ilona Andrews books. My favorites are Magic Bites, Magic Burns and Gunmetal Magic. All of them have kick butt heroines and great stories.
6. What is your favorite type of chocolate?
My most favorite chocolate is made in Glendale, Arizona at the Cerreta's candy factory. Their French mint truffles are to die for. Literally. Anyone stupid enough to help themselves to my French mints will lose a finger, hand or arm.
7. Will The Ghost Wore Polyester be offered on Kindle any time soon?
Unfortunately, no. The book is out of print but I accept bribes and for the right price, I can send you a copy.

Colleti Warlords


Kaylee Jones is a trouble magnet. Chaos and disaster are her faithful companions. She belongs to the thin blue line protecting Earth from the Tai-Kok, alien predators who consider our world an all-you-can-eat banquet. Her crappy luck puts her on the alien freaks- most wanted list and lands her in one of their prison cells. Her roommate? A very hungry vampire. Okay, Talree's really a Coletti Warlord who decides to make her his mate. Kaylee's definitely not willing but isn't strong enough to fight him off and now he owns her mind, body and soul. She'll admit the sex is hot and the bossy jerk has agreed to save Earth from annihilation. The bad news is, Warlords aren't benevolent do-gooder types and there is a price for his help: the women of Earth. And the really bad news is, Talrees' low-down conniving brother, Malik, has joined forces with the alien freaks and now Kaylee and Talree have to stop them from destroying both their worlds.
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Stealing from a warlord and giving him the one finger salute as I made my getaway was not the brightest thing I’d ever done. Okay, it was an incredibly stupid stunt. Did I mention that this particular Coletti warlord is the most feared in the entire galaxy? That Zarek’s the ultimate predator and even the other warlords are scared spitless of him? That he never ever stops until he either captures or kills his prey? Yeah, I have the big, bad after me and all because of one little finger. Okay and a Ditrim crystal the size of my fist. Am I worried? Of course, only an idiot doesn’t fear a very angry Coletti warlord. But, I am very good at what I do. Bad news is, so is Zarek.
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  All I wanted was to be a normal, ordinary girl whose biggest worry was what to wear to her twenty-first birthday party. I needed for a few hours to forget about my mother’s murder and the monsters that inhabit the night. With all my heart I wished for a little romance, for a man who could make me forget the bloodshed and death. I longed for a prince charming who would sweep me off my feet and kiss me under the stars. Then fate kicked me in the teeth and granted my wish. My perfect prince charming turned out to be a vampire.
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After being laid off from her psychic gig, Zelda Dragos decides finding Montezuma’s lost treasure has to be easier than prying a check out of the state’s unemployment office. The fly in the ointment is the tenacious Derek Sloan, an Indiana Jones type, who wants the gold for himself. The first clue in the treasure hunt is an Aztec amulet on display at the Phoenix Art Museum. All Zelda needs to do is “borrow” it for a bit. Unfortunately, Derek has the identical plan. With the help of a holographic diversion featuring the Rock as Montezuma, Zelda zaps him with a stun gun and walks off with the Amulet. Zelda uses all of her tricks to discourage Derek’s relentless pursuit; a smoke bomb, mace, a hive of angry bees and getting him arrested. Out of options, Zelda finds herself stuck with a partner who thinks she needs a keeper and he’s just the man for the job. To find the treasure all they have to deal with is an angry Apache Thunder God, Asmoday, the demon king of the Ninth Hell, eight thousand vengeful Aztec spirits and a mummified Aztec warrior. Adding to the mess is Zelda’s evil Aunt Sophie and Uncle Dante who wants the treasure for themselves. Dante’s lethal goons are hot on their trail. Derek and Zelda soon discover love blooms in the weirdest places. 5 of 5 stars false  Goodreads Amazon Barnes & Noble 

Tildy MacNamara is a psychic whose screwey predictions, no matter how well-intentioned, often leave chaos in their wake. She just woke up at forty-one to find herself without a husband, without a life, and without a clue - then she inherits a New Age bookstore in Sedona, Arizona - a mystical place where psychics (and maybe a few psychos) are not only accepted, not celebrated. There, she finds new friends, a new purpose, and a new home complete with a pain-in-the-ass ghost. The dead guy is Houston Powers, a journalist murdered twenty-five years ago while tracking down a lead on the car-bomb death of newspaper reporter Don Bolles. Houston needs Tildy to find out who killed him so he can pass over. Desperate to get rid of this Saturday Night Fever wannabe, she agrees to take on the mantle of - ta daa - Detective to the Dead. Tildy's not exactly Dana Scully, but her hit-and-miss investigation somehow manages to turn up a geriatric Mafia Don who thinks he's Elvis and who'd be hilarious if he wasn't so dangerous; an engimatic Navajo sheriff with a shocking secret; an aging playboy land developer with everything to lose if Tildy reveals his involvement in an old Arizona land scam. A powerful Senator is also determined to keep her from linking him to the land scam and the Bolles murder, and destroying his career. Can she find the killer without becoming a victim herself? Goodreads

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  1. I hate spiders! They're creepy and crawly with no good purpose that I can see. Blech!!!!!!!

  2. I just knew there had to be a reason for those fantastic spider scenes lol.
    Fantastic interview, Gail...and I hope that your books find the home they deserves soon! I can't wait to read Vexing Voss :D

  3. I'm not a fan of spiders but I can kill them, but if hubby's home, I make him do it:)


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  5. The interview was great...I was actually dying as she described her issue with

    I think it is time to pick up a Gail Koger book!


  6. Completely and utterly terrified of them... god I hope there isn't one near me... aaaaaaagh!!!

  7. great interview and spiders? eww!

  8. I have no issues with spiders as long as they aren't on me. I hate scorpions.

  9. Unless they are big, black and have a red hourglass on their back then they don't bother me. It's as simple as flicking them off!

  10. I don't like spiders, but I'm not afraid of them - now stink bugs...
    Why didn't I know about Ceretta's when I was visiting my cousin in Sun City earlier this year???

    1. You can order online, too. Best candy ever.

  11. I am a true arachnophobe!! I would have been running out of the house not whacking with a broom if that had happened to me. My husband always knew if I'd seen a spider as I would be outside the door waiting for him to go stomp on it!!

  12. YUCKO!!! I HATE BUGS... especially spiders!

  13. I have a healthy respect for spiders. They definitely creep me out, but not nearly as much as they do others I know.

  14. I'm not afraid of them, but if they come in my house, they are signing their death warrant. I don't like when they crawl on me or bite me. My cats help kill them too :)

  15. Ben & Bambi, that I gotta read Gail!!!!

    Crossing fingers for a new publisher so I don't have to wait too long for VV ;)

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