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Extreme Love 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.
Extreme Love
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New body. New clothes. New men.
Used to the average Joe, Caitlyn Moore is overwhelmed when the supremely masculine Dante Jones walks into her life and expresses an interest in her. At first she pushes him away, refusing to encourage the attention of a cage fighter. Then she learns Dante has a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation. What better way to fine-tune her non-existent flirting skills than with a male who won’t stick around? But Dante has no intention of being a practice dummy; he’s out for all or nothing. Now Caitlyn must accept Dante—violent career and all—or let him go.
Dante “Inferno” Jones has one goal: win the Welterweight Championship. At a time when focus is crucial, the last thing he needs is a distraction. Yet Caitlyn Moore becomes a challenge he can’t resist. When the light-hearted pursuit shifts to a battle to win her heart, his focus is shot. Faced with losing the biggest match of his career, Dante must decide if his extreme life also has room for Extreme Love.


***Arc provided by Netgalley for my honest review***
Caitlyn Moore is certain that a man like Dante "Inferno" Jones would never look at a girl like her and like what he sees. Therefore when he shows interest is at a complete loss of what to do or how to react. Did I mention that she has just lost 80 pounds?
Never has Dante wanted a woman more, nor has he had work hard just to get a girl to speak to him. Being a professional MMA fighter means he has had woman throw themselves at him. But there is definitely something about Caitlyn and he wants all of her he can get.
Sexy front cover, check.
Exciting and steamy sounding blurb, check.
Did this book live up to my expectations, sadly no.
This book had the promise, it had me excited, everything about it is what would normally have been giving a 5 star rating.
And it would have been if not for Caitlyn. I wanted her to listen, I wanted her to alter her own assumptions on how the world worked, who should be with who.For a person fighting peoples assumptions on overweight people, she was very judgmental of others. She was also very harsh to Dante and I felt he didn't deserve all the negative treatment. The story would have flowed very nicely if not for these things. These two had an awesome chemistry, Dante was a wonderful alpha persona, with a protective heart of gold. I loved how he couldn't put aside pursuing Caitlyn until after his fight, he was a man caught, I really enjoyed his character.
The "villains" in this story, Dante's opponent and his ex girlfriend would have added enough excitement to this book. I guess it is just another case of me personally not understanding the actions and thoughts of a character. At least she grew through out the book I will give her that. No harm, no fowl, I have seen lots of very positive reviews for this book, but because of my personal issues I only liked this one, instead of loving it. 

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