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Chasing Mrs Right 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.

Chasing Mrs. Right (Come Undone, #2)
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It was only supposed to last one night...
Ian had no idea the sexy woman he took to his bed was his little sister's best friend--or that she'd refuse to give him more than one night.
Good thing this soldier likes a challenge...


****I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review****
Holy Heck, this was a sizzling steamy book and it starts you off with a bang!
Ian is just back from his final tour of Afghanistan. A return soldier, he only wants to be alone to deal with his PTS, but he is whirled straight from the Airport to a welcome home party a his sisters fiance's club.He does not want to be there and in the middle of his frantic escape, he bangs straight into Roxanne.
Roxanne is on her way to a welcome home party for the brother of her best friend, when she is knocked on her ass by a man who looks strangely close to a panic attack. He also seems to be one of the most attractive men she has ever met.
They have immediate chemistry and neither know who the other is when they go home together.
Roxanne makes it clear to Ian that she is not interested in relationships at all, but he is not going to let go of the one thing that has calmed his war damaged soul.
The chase that ensues is a good one. I loved that it was the man chasing the woman, convincing her of the joys that a relationship could bring. Roxanne's issues with relationships were fair ones and I could definitely understand her skittishness around the big "L" word.
Roxanne as a character was a funny one, I loved her witty retorts.
Ian,of course, was adorable, the perfect man and I love reading about a perfect man :)I loved especially how he found his calm within the presence of Roxanne,it made their romance all the more sweet.
This book flowed really well, in fact it was such a delight that I read it in one day.
I have read the book one in this series by Katee Robert, Wrong bed Right Guy, and I have to say that this one left it for dust. The characters were just perfect, very likable.The relationship didn't feel forced at all, I felt the connection and was really looking forward to the happily ever after. The steam factor was there, it started right from the beginning and kept me excited right til the end. I would suggest giving this one ago, it had everything in it that I have come to expect from a really great erotic romance.
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