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Elizabeth Finn

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  Elizabeth Finn is an Iowa native, where she lives with her husband and son. Elizabeth loves all things romance and enjoys immersing herself in the world of writing contemporary erotic romance stories. Look for more to come from Elizabeth Finn.
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Interview with Elizabeth:

 1. For someone who has been eyeing your books for a while but still never tried one, what one of your books would you suggest them to read?
Well, it would depend on exactly what you were in the market for. My first release, The Devil’s Pawn, is darker and grittier. Some have likened it to The Dark Duets, while others say it’s not nearly so dark. I’ve never read that series, so I can’t say one way or the other. I personally think it’s suspenseful and hard to put down. My second, Brother’s Keeper, is sweeter but a bit heartbreaking at times. The age difference of my H/h has caused some controversy – though I personally can’t imagine why… My third which has been my most popular but also most criticized… yes, I have no problem admitting that, is straight good old fashion contemporary smut – perhaps a bit angsty at times, but a good quick read. Of course, you could wait until 2/25/13 and read Immortal Protector – my first paranormal. It’s a contemporary paranormal erotic romance, and I’m really excited for it to release. I haven’t helped you decide what to read at all, have I?… LOL

2. As an author if you could be any author, if she is envious or could have written any story, who and what would it be?
This is going to move outside the realm of erotic romance, but I’m fanatical about J.K. Rowling, and the Harry Potter series. The world she created is amazing, and I can’t imagine having that level of creativity. I envy writers who can create entire worlds and do it as effectively as she did. I love writing contemporary because I love a believable story that feels like real life. BUT BUT BUT, I also enjoy escaping into other worlds, and as a writer, creating those other worlds isn’t my strongest ability.

3. The book Brother's Keeper has a somewhat taboo relationship in it, were you worried that people would not read your books because of this?
Truthfully, I didn’t worry about it at all. I started writing that story five years ago, and I was writing completely for myself without any thought of publishing it. I wrote about a third of the book and then put it away for years. I literally almost deleted it from my computer multiple times. I wasn’t considering a career in writing at that time. I was too busy working my tail off, starting a family, and pretty much anything other than writing. It wasn’t until I pulled it out years later and decided to finish it that I even had to consider that a 17 year old heroine paired with a 25 year old hero might ruffle some feathers. In my defense… She was 18 before any sort of sexual relationship started, and she was 18 ½ when she actually lost her virginity… (Sorry – spoiler) That darn near makes her a prude by today’s standards! When I write, I tend not to really consider if what I’m writing is going to offend someone, because truthfully, you will ALWAYS offend someone, and I don’t personally feel a writer should compromise on writing the story they want to write. I’m not ever offended when people say they don’t like something I’ve written. That’s probably odd, but I’m just not.

4. Have you ever had to rewrite a sex scene for being too racy? (yes I know that I already know that answer to this question, but not everyone does)
Oh, yes indeed!! And I wasn’t happy about it. I get it; I really do get it. Publishers have to consider what the masses will want to see and not a smaller niche that may appreciate certain … hmm … descriptive language about certain aspects of sex. Some think it’s sexy, some think it’s over the top. I have my personal preferences about what is sexy, what shows a particular level of intimacy, etc., but I’m not always going to be in line with the majority out there. I’m happy with the edited scene, but I still miss the original scene. After going through the editing process more times than I can recall, I’m used to it!

5. Your first paranormal romance book is coming out on Feb 25, Immortal Protector, what made you decide to write a book in that genre?
Well I love to read paranormal, and the story itself had been floating around in my head for a few years. I find I’m drawn to particular stories rather than particular genres, and I have stories in my brain from nearly all genres. I was just ready to write this story now. I will say, my take on paranormal is using paranormal elements in a contemporary setting. I’m not creating worlds or taking anyone to a new plane of existence.

6. What book has the best sex scene you have ever read?
Good question!! And I’m not sure I can even begin to answer it. I started reading romance in the historical genre years and years ago, so I have so many nostalgic feelings for some of those authors and scenes. I hate to not really answer the question, but I find that I love a particular scene in a book, but once I’m on to the next book, I fall in love all over with another scene. I truly can’t whittle it down to one scene in one book that was so impacting that I would place it above others.

7. Which authors have influenced your writing the most?
Every single last author I’ve read has shaped me in some way or another. My love for romance fiction started with historical romance, and I fell in love with Iris Johansen’s novels. So, from the perspective of what sparked my love for romance fiction, I have Ms. Johansen to thank.

8. Favorite fictional male character and why?
I’m actually going to refer to one of my own, and he is from an upcoming book - Angus Scott from the second book in The Immortals series, Immortal Distraction. I’m sooooo in love with Angus’ character. He is one smooth cat, he doesn’t get ruffled easily, and he is so seductively good at toying with his lady. I had a great time writing his character.


The Immortals
Unedited Blurb: Theirs was a forever love. At least it was supposed to be… Truman and Ember met in a cold, dark basement on the day that was to be her last. Kidnapped by a predator at ten years old, Ember wasn’t long for this world. But even Truman, a three-hundred-year-old vampire, was incapable of escaping his humanity with her. He follows her through her life to ensure her safety, unable to stop fighting for the scared little girl he met so many years in the past. Truman, like all others of his kind, has the ability to erase memories of himself, and he uses this ability to come in and out of Ember’s life while protecting her from the knowledge of his kind. When Truman finally caves in to his desire for Ember, he is forced to take the most precious memory she holds. But he never imagined he’d lose his ability to return those memories to her. After Ember is attacked, Truman becomes responsible for a woman without a shred of remembrance of him or their long history together. She doesn’t trust him, and he resents her cruelty toward him, but as much as she breaks his heart, he can’t give up on them. As Truman fights to win back her trust and remind her of just how good they are at falling in love, a threat looms closer and closer. Can he save her once more from the clutches of a monster intent on destroying her? Or will her life be lost before her memories are ever found? 


 Coming Soon 4/15/2013! Unedited Blurb Detective Brit Sutton is the epitome of difficult. As a homicide investigator, she learned early on that being a woman in a man’s world required a strong backbone, a harsh tongue and nerves of steel. But when one of her cases leads her to Angus Scott, she’s finally met her match. Angus is the head of the council of vampires for the Eastern region of the United States, and it is his responsibility alone to run interference with her investigation when the prime suspect is one of his own. But Brit is a determined woman, and as much as she’s met her match, Angus has as well. When his toying games turn to intense attraction to all out obsession, will he be able to stay his course? And when her life becomes threatened by the very suspect Angus is trying to shelter, will he abandon his need to distract her in order to protect her?

Restoring Jordan

When Adeline Parker decides to celebrate landing a coveted internship at one of Chicago’s most prestigious architectural firms by indulging in a brutally dark and handsome man, she gets more than she bargained for. Lost in a maze of hallways on the first day of her new position, she stumbles headlong into a boardroom of suits. Very expensive suits. They are the somebodies of this prestigious firm, and she is, by all accounts, the very definition of a nobody. And sitting at the table with the rest of the principals from the firm is a man—the very man who unwittingly deflowered her only days before. From the look of it, Jordan Ellinwood is none too happy to see her again; by his own admission, he’s a one-night-stand man, and the fact she conned him into taking her virginity isn’t sitting well with him either. But as her path is inextricably attached to his, their closeness will no longer be a choice. As an intern, she’s off-limits, and that says nothing of the fact he’s twelve years older than she is. But when coworkers bent on jealousy and resentment threaten her reputation and internship, the long-dormant emotions Jordan has so effectively stifled fight to break free. And as he struggles to get out of his own way long enough to let her see his compassion, her career is jeopardized and leaves him fighting with every last ounce of himself to save her. Will it be enough? Can he overcome his emotional shortcomings in time to rescue her future and his own—now so very attached to hers? 5 of 5 stars false

My Brother's Keeper

Trapped in a web of hate with no escape, a young woman discovers her attraction to the man determined to protect her may be her undoing. Will time run out, or will he find a way to protect her before her abusive father kills her? When Rowan is awarded a ballet scholarship to Michigan State University during her senior year of high school, her life’s dream is finally realized. Having lost her mother at an early age and being subjected to the abuse of a destitute drunken father, she has known unimaginable loss and heartache and been left wanting for a better life—a life now within her grasp. But with one ill-fated phone call, her life is turned upside down. Logan is Rowan's best friend’s older brother whose career is taking off as he prepares to graduate law school and move cross-country to the prestigious law firm that has offered him a very lucrative contract. When Rowan finds herself at Logan’s mercy after he inadvertently learns of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her father, their lives become intertwined in a way neither ever imagined nor wanted. In an effort to protect her, but with his own hands tied by her unwillingness to report the abuse, Logan strikes a deal requiring Rowan to stay with him whenever there is a chance her father might be on a drunken binge—which is often. For her agreement and cooperation, he will keep her secret. Soon, their time together weighs on them both, and they find themselves constantly tempted to step outside the bounds of their supposed platonic relationship. But there is no point. The devastating fact of the matter is their lives are moving in opposite directions—a relationship destined to die before it even has a chance to live. The ever present clock plagues them both as it ticks off the days until they are parted. But one all important question remains—after he leaves, how will he protect her from a father intent on hating her until the day he dies … or the day he kills her? 5 of 5 stars false

 The Devil's Pawn
  A common enemy. A secret untold. One dark and handsome man determined to despise. One inexperienced, innocent, shy woman swept into a life she cannot control. Both pawns in a torturous game that will bind them together or tear them apart . . . forever. When Ashton is left orphaned after her parents are murdered, her life becomes a hell she could never have imagined. Left to fend for herself, and responsible for a debt she doesn’t owe, she is swept into a life as a gentleman’s escort at a private men’s gaming hall. Her new manager makes it abundantly clear he doesn’t appreciate her inexperience, innocence, and shyness. On the contrary, he despises everything about her. Derek can be “difficult,” she’s been told. And however dark and handsome he may be, he terrifies her in a way that chills her to the bone, but leaves her begging to understand him. As they are pulled along together, more secrets and threats than either one could ever conceive are revealed, and a common enemy emerges. This enemy will stop at nothing to bring Derek to his knees while using Ashton as the greatest pawn in his torturous game. Will Derek be able to let down his shield of cold, harsh emotion before it’s too late? Will he be able to sacrifice himself to save Ashton, or will they both be destroyed by the secrets of their pasts? 5 of 5 stars false 

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