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A Real Man 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.

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Stifled by her previous marriage, widowed Melissa swears to find herself a real man—but Matt finds her instead, rescuing her from a car wreck and proving that the years since high school have only made him more desirable.
A crash resounded; Melissa's chest hit the steering wheel, the air bag deployed with a bang then black silence.
A moment later, or so it seemed, a siren howled in the night. She opened her eyes and lifted her head.
Her neck ached, her head pounded, slivers of steel pierced her eyes. A rap on her window. A man in uniform crouched beside her window for an instant then opened the door.
"Can you hear me?" a deep voice asked. A voice that twanged a chord inside her despite her various aches and pains.
Good. She pleased the sensuous voice. Good.
"I'm going to touch you."
Yes. Please.
Warm fingers smoothed over her forehead, down her cheeks, behind the base of her skull.
"Does any of this hurt?"
His touch? No! Oh, he meant her head.
"My head. My neck. My eyes. All of them."
"Anywhere else?" His long fingers moved over her shoulders, along her arms, around her hips and down her legs.
"Feels good." Damn. She'd said that out loud.
"I'd better check your head again."
He pulled off her ski hat and gasped. "Melissa Martin?"
The question in his suddenly familiar voice blasted her eyelids up. In the dim light she saw a man with a dark beard around a sensual mouth. Her gaze moved up past a scar on his cheek to dark, concerned eyes then back to the scar she'd kissed a hundred times a lifetime ago. "Matt Conroy?"


****This book was part of a blog tour, I received a copy for my honest review**** 

This book starts out with a recap of the New Years Eve party in the first book, but it's from Melissa’s point of view. We find out that Melissa was in a marriage with an indifferent and controlling husband who died. Three months after the party Melissa has started school again and on her way to a study date she gets in a car accident and her ex-boyfriend from high school is on of the EMTs who pulls her out of the car. Matt and Melissa reconnect, but Melissa wants a real man and she doesn't know if Matt is it. Matt knows he used to be a jerk, he wants Melissa again and he has to find a way to prove to her that he is nothing like the boy he used to be. Melissa wasn't an ordinary woman trying to take her life back after living in a blah marriage. Matt was a nice man willing to prove himself as a good guy, he has a good job and really cares about the people he helps. A Real Man was a quick read; at 131 pages it only took me less than an hour to read the thing. It was a nice quick love story, nothing about it really stood out to me, but there was nothing bad about it either. Since the book was so short things happened quickly, it was a light airy read. If you are looking for a quick, cute love story without a lot of drama you should read this book. 

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  1. Thanks for the review. I had fun writing this short book.