Friday, January 25, 2013

The Merman 18+

This review is for 18+ readers only
Horror Erotica: The Merman 

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There are horrors in the sea, that we can't even imagine........
Ben and Lisa went out sailing to have a good time. When they fall asleep on the boat is when the horror begins.
At the dead of night, a Merman comes to find his sexual pleasure. With a combination of pain and lust he seeks his treasure and inflects his will.
The question is will Lisa and Ben survive the night?
This is a horror erotica tale. It contains horror, forced seduction, fantasy rape, and much more

Warning this is horror erotica and is definitely not going to be for everyone.
For some reason the genre appeals to somewhere within me, I don’t like to analyse to deeply why. I just do, to me I can take read this for the fictional horror story that it is. So in saying that, lets get on with the review….
This is my favourite Nikita King book to date!! Scary as, and I mean scary, you will be disturbed and appalled. The forced sex scenes are brutal and bloody. It is very visually descriptive, so make sure you are tucked safely into bed and maybe have your light on, this book is not for the faint of heart.I loved how there was limited talking in this book and it was all internal monologue, the inner panic of Ben and Lisa seemed more real than just screams and the non caring thoughts of the Mermen, were perfect, just perfect.
Poor Ben and Lisa, this is not a happy ending, in fact it is a complete nightmare, but it is Horror people!! Do not read if you do not like rape, torture, and gang banging (vicious, but got help me I loved it) .
The scene with Ben underwater (poor Ben, but at least he got his rocks off first, eek) with Arius, oh my!
I do not want to let people know what happens but really research this before reading.
It won't be for everyone, but it definitely was for me :)  

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