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Pride and Pleasure 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.
 Pride and Pleasure  
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Wealth has its dangers...
There are disadvantages to being an heiress, as Eliza Martin knows well. Fortune hunters flock to her, acquaintances lie and pander, and lately, someone is engineering "accidents" to propel her to the altar. But Eliza will not be bullied, and she will get to the bottom of this plot. All she needs is a man to infiltrate her assemblage of suitors and find the culprit. Someone not easily noticed; a proficient dancer, quiet, and even-tempered. do certain men
Thief-taker Jasper Bond is entirely too large, too handsome, and too dangerous. Who would believe that an intellectual like Eliza would be seduced by a man of action? But the combination of her stubbornness and the mystery makes the case one Jasper can't resist. Client satisfaction is a point of pride and it's his pleasure to prove he's just the man she needs after all...  


*****Netgalley provided me with an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review*****

Jasper Bond and Eliza Martin have me all a flutter. What a wonderfully, surprisingly, fantastic regency romance. I have been on the outs with my regency romances lately, but this one was perfect!!! A pure pleasure to read!
Eliza Martin is smack bang in the middle of her sixth and final season. She is surrounded by suitors most of them fortune hunters who seek to better themselves with her very comfortable dowry.
Miss Martin will be having none of that, so when it seems that someone is creating "accidents" to scare her into choosing a husband she, begrudgingly, hires Mr Jasper Bond to get to the bottom of her problems.
I loved Eliza's shrewd manner immediately. The way Jasper and her clashed in there initial meeting, arguing over his suitability to get the job done was marvelous. I have not read such fast witty banter between a pair of characters in a long while, or enjoyed it more. They were purely refreshing to "listen" to,lol.
Jasper, his character was also immediately appealing. Not because his looks, or sex appeal, although I assure you that probably helped. No, I loved Jasper because he seemed the opposite of what he should be. He was the impulsive one, the one that was ruled by his emotions in this book. I do not want to spoil this book for you so I will not fully explain, but let’s just say Eliza is ruled by reason and Jasper relies on his emotions and gut feelings to make his decisions. I thought this was great because it is usually the other way around with men and woman.
The spark in this pair’s relationship was instantaneous. Jasper became jealous and protective very early on in the book, which I personally love.
" I saw the way you looked at Montague. What he said made you see him in a way you haven't before."
Eliza faced him. He was more than a head taller, but his frame curved toward her in a way that made their proximity searingly intimate. As if he were about to twirl her into a waltz. Her heart beat a little faster. Her breathing quickened. “I don't understand."
He cupped her chin and tilted her face upward. "You looked at him the way you look at me."
"That's impossible." Montague incited none of this turmoil.
“I need you to regard me in the same manner with which I regard you."

And this
"The dance you gave to Tolliver was mine."
Elizabeth was confused. "But you do not dance."
"Moments ago," he said in a low biting tone," you were asking if I wanted to be inside you and the next, you're encouraging another man's obvious interest in you".

Poor Eliza didn't stand a chance, I fully sympathize with her, as the book went on both her and I became slaves to Jaspers words. He really does have some amazing lines. Sylvia Day, dare I say I love this man more than Gideon?? He is so ....... gah words are going to fail me. As I read on and it became clearer in Jaspers mind and mine just how much Eliza meant to him, I love every dirty trick, lie "I would do anything for you. Break any law, violate every rule, circumvent any competition--" naughty, naughty Jasper. This man has his secrets, secrets that could ruin any other relationship. Can their love overcome all?
Eliza my girl, I love you more for calling him on every mistake, you are awesome.
Mystery, suspense, steam, romance and genuinely likeable characters are what you get from this novel.I never guessed the villains, never saw the twists coming. I was engaged from start to finish. I truly loved this book; everyone should give it a go.

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