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Dare to Believe (The Grey Court) 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers.

Dare to Believe (Gray Court, #1)
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He'll fulfill her wildest fantasies- but only if she believes. Leo Dunne has been searching his entire life for the one person born just for him. He finds her working in his own company, but the shy little Ruby Halloway constantly hides from him. He hatches a devilish plot with her best friend to bring her out of her shell, and the result proves her desire is more than a match for his own.
Ruby has had the hots for her boss for some time now, but she knows business and pleasure shouldn't mix. While that can't stop a girl from dreaming, she sticks by her guns and does her best never to be alone with the handsome CEO. Until the company masquerade party, where she discovers a passion with him that leaves a mark on her soul.
A family emergency calls Leo away, and rather than spend one night out of Ruby's arms, he convinces her to go with him. With his brother's life on the line, it's vital she learn how to deal with who, and what, her new lover really is--before it's too late.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language, some violence, a bit of bondage, and a Sidhe Lord determined to claim and protect what is his.


Great start to a new series!
This book was a total winner for me. I love any story with a Fae theme and this one was packed full of it with leprechauns, vampires, seelie, unseelie, various courts (gray, white and black), definitely enough to keep my attention.
Mix all those in with a good storyline and a steamy hot couple and you have a pretty enjoyable book.
I really like Leo and Ruby although I would of liked to have found out a bit more about her background, especially why she thought she was so unworthy.
This was a short story though and usually you miss out on huge details not necessary to the plot. There was still a lot of information packed in there but not overmuch, really it was just right.
There was definitely enough to make me interested in finding out more, so a job well done in my book.
Can't wait for the next one with Duncan, Jaden and Moira, it promises to be a delicious little tale. 

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