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Chasing Stanley 18+

The following review is for 18+ readers
   Chasing Stanley (New York Blades, #6)
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What do a New York City dog trainer and a pro hockey player have in common? They both love Stanley, an adorable but naughty Newfoundland...

When dog trainer Delilah Gould spots a rambunctious Newfoundland disobeying orders, she can't help but stepping in and teaching the gentle giant to heel. But it's his hunky owner she's really like to teach a few tricks. Too bad he's clearly the untrainable kind.

Professional hockey player Jason Mitchell is thrilled when he's traded to the New York Blades--the team of his dreams. There's just one problem: his pooch isn't adjusting to city life too well. Good thing he crosses paths with dog trainer Delilah Gould. At least that's what he thinks--until he realized he's fallen for her.

Now, with the season heating up, Jason realizes he'll have to score big-time to win the Stanley Cup and the woman who had tamed his dog and unleashed his heart


Delilah is a drug trainer who can't stand to see a dog that is abused or not properly trained, she is obsessed with dogs. Jason has recently been traded to the New York Blades; he moves into a great apartment and brings his dog with him. His dog is having problems and when he meets Delilah in the park, he believes his problems are solved. While Delilah trains his dog Jason keeps messing up. When Jason and Delilah start dating and Delilah makes a fool of herself and Jason at a party they think it is over. Except now Jason is having problems on the ice and once again he needs Delilahs help. Delilah is an interesting woman, her life is all about dogs and she has zero idea of how to act around humans. Jason is full of himself and while he does try to do the right thing sometimes, he doesn’t follow through and ends up messing up more. They are an interesting couple, they have tons of chemistry and there relationship has some pretty comedic moments. They also have some serious cringe worthy, I can’t believe he/she did that moments. I liked the characters and loved seeing both of them change through out the story. I had a few problems with some of the scenes in the book but beyond that it was a nice, funny read.

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