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Not the Boss's Baby (The Beaumont Heirs #1)

 Not the Boss's Baby 
What the boss wants...
As the oldest son, Chadwick Beaumont has sacrificed everything for the Beaumont's company, but he swore he'd never follow in his father's philandering footsteps. So, for years, he's dutifully kept his distance from the temptation outside his office door--his beautiful secretary Serena Chase.

But now everything has changed. The family business is in jeopardy. His personal life is in shambles. And his sexy assistant is suddenly single--and flirting. Chadwick is tired of doing what's expected. It's time for him to go after what he wants. And what he wants is Serena--even if she's expecting another man's child.


****Harlequin Desire via NetGalley provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review****
Chadwick has spent his life trying not to be his and working at the family company making money only to have his siblings waste it, he has watched his secretary and secretly wanted her but has put it out of his as she is off limits. His life is being turned upside down with a vindictive ex-wife, vultures at the door wanting the businesses and all he wants his Serena. Serena has wanted Chadwick for years but has put her attraction to him in a box and tightly locked it, now out of a long relationship she finds out she is pregnant, sparks ignite and the two of them find themselves wondering if it’s possible to have what you want.  I was on a horror/thriller reading binge for a couple days before I picked this book up for something light and fluffy, when I finished it I just went  

 It was so sweet that I couldn’t help myself, Chadwick was just so dang adorable at times and then there was the other times when he was getting his sexy on that I had to do a double take because I didn’t think he had it in him, butoh boy he did. I loved Serena, she may have been hard headed at times but I could see that she was trying to do what was best for everyone in each situation and while I sometimes got annoyed with her I still had to like her for standing up for herself. The storyline itself is not a new one, but the way it is written and the little details added to it but it new, you can see how the author adds her own  twists to the story and makes it her own. Overall this was a really good quick read; it will be fun to see what happens with the rest of the Beaumont family.

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Running Wild

 Embrace the danger.

Sean Rush is an adrenaline junkie. That’s why he was in the Army, why he steals and races classic muscle cars . . . and why he can’t stay away from bad boy Ryker, a Havoc Motorcycle Club lieutenant. Fortunately, Ryker can’t seem to stay away from Sean—he’s spent the last eight months breaking into Sean’s apartment and stealing into his bed, leaving Sean physically satisfied but increasingly restless.

Sean has always avoided relationships. He likes to come and go without being controlled. And Ryker is possibly the most controlling man he’s ever known. Still, he finds that he wants more from Ryker than their silent nighttime encounters.

Then one of Sean’s thefts goes bad, and Ryker’s protective instincts kick into overdrive. He takes Sean to the Havoc compound, determined to keep him safe. But Sean’s past threatens the safety of Havoc—and everything Ryker holds dear. Worse, Ryker’s hiding secrets of his own. Soon it’s obvious that the adrenaline rush can’t keep them together anymore. But maybe love can.

Thanks so much to Busy Mom’s Book Reviews for hosting me on the tour for Running Wild: Havoc Book 1. This is the start of a brand new series, with different heroes for each book and HEAs at the end of each book. Sean Rush and Ryker stole my heart a long time ago, and I’m excited for you guys to meet all of them.
Here's a snippet from a scene toward the middle of the book. Ryker has just proved to Sean that he doesn't mind his MC knowing they're together -- by kissing the hell out of him in front of everyone. And then he tells Sean to get on the back of his bike, so he can take Sean home. Sean has objections...
Still, I kept my voice down so no one could hear when I told him, “I’m not riding in the bitch seat.”
He was trying not to grin, but failing. “Why not?”
“I know exactly what it means when you ride on the back of a guy’s bike.”
“It means you fucking own me, Ryker.”
“Don’t I?”
His words were a low rumble that shot straight to my dick and holy fuck . . . I had no answer. Well, obviously I did, but I refused to put voice to it.
I was out—that wasn’t the issue. And obviously being out wasn’t an issue for him either. But the MC shit, we’d never talked about it, what it meant for us. All these men knew about our relationship, knew he was looking out for me. Knew he considered me his.
I swear I had to remind myself to breathe.
“Get on the bike, Sean.”
This time, Ryker’s tone left no room for argument. If anything, it made me harder. I stopped thinking—par for the course when I was around Ryker—and I got on the bike behind him.

FYI, I’m also writing a m/f MC series under the Steph Tyler name—the first book of that series, Vipers Run is out now as well. And there’s a very light crossover in that you’ll see names of MCs that are main characters in my Vipers series—namely Vipers MC, along with the Heathens. Havoc’s friendly with Vipers, not so much with Heathens (they seem to be everyone’s enemy at the moment).

Tyler-2-big-2SE Jakes writes m/m romance. She believes in happy endings and fighting for what you want in both fiction and real life. She lives in New York with her family and most days, she can be found happily writing (in bed). No really… 
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She spends most of her time writing but she loves to hear from readers!
  SE Jakes is the pen-name of New York Times Bestselling author Stephanie Tyler (and half of Sydney Croft)

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Fast Track

Fast Track (Buchanan-Renard, #12)

A corrupt congressman, a mother’s secrets, and a sizzling romance ignite passion and suspense in the new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood.
Cordelia Kane has always been a daddy’s girl—her father raised her alone after her mother died in a car crash when Cordelia was just two years old. So when he has a serious heart attack, Cordelia is devastated, and the emotion is only intensified by the confusion she feels when he reveals the shocking truth about her mother.
Cordelia can’t suppress her curiosity about the woman who gave birth to her, and when she discovers the answers to her questions lie in Sydney, Australia, she travels there to get them.
Hotel magnate Aiden Madison is Cordelia’s best friend’s older brother. He’s oblivious to the fact that she’s had a crush on him for years. When he gets railroaded into taking her along to Sydney on his company jet, he unknowingly puts her life at risk. He’s recently angered a powerful congressman by refusing to purchase overvalued land. Congressman Chambers is not a man to let such an offense slide, and he has the resources to get even and to get what he wants.
In Australia sparks are flying between Cordelia and Aiden, but multiple attempts on Aiden’s life are made while Cordelia is with him, and he realizes he must put a stop to the madness before he loses the thing he values most.

****PENGUIN GROUP Dutton via NetGalley provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review****
Cordelia was raised by her single father the two of them being really close since her mother died when Cordie was just a baby, but when he has a heart attack and secrets come about her mother she has to find out what really happened. With a new outlook on life, she is also ready to get over her lifelong crush on Aiden. Aiden has always seen Cordelia as one of his little sisters friends, he's helped her and protected her like a sister never knowing that she secretly loved him now he's taking her to Australia with him to help her. Something changes between the two of them while they are over there, with people willing to kill to keep their secrets will Aiden realize what Cordie really means to him? Can they figure out how outsmart and expose all of them? I am a huge fan of Julie Garwood and I have been waiting for this book for what seems like forever and that is probably why I was a little bit disappointed. I built the book up so much in mind that I was expecting something more from it than what I got. The writing itself was as always great, I loved seeing characters from her previous books in this one and I would like to read a book with one of the new characters she introduced, hint hint I would love me a Liam book. I liked Cordelia in this book was she knocked through a loop while she was numb for a bit there she still kept going and was trying to do positive things to move on with her life. Aiden was ok, I thought he didn't show a lot of emotion and when you weren't in his head it felt like he was just a blank wall that told people what to do. The mystery was well played as well as the way they solved both Cordelia and Aidens problems. The sex scenes were hot, because Aiden is polished and proper I didn't expect him to be a dirty talker so that was a nice surprise. The two of them had a great physical relationship, but I didn't see or feel that great emotional connection that I am used to from all of this authors other books. Beyond the physical attraction and long history I wasn't really buying the relationship between the two of them. The book was still a really good read, I just didn't enjoy it as much as I have her other ones. 

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Blind Redemption

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The past is something he’d sooner forget…
Aaron McNally hates his past. Banished from his home for betrayal, he trades his tartan for a Norwegian title and sword to win back his honor.
She has a warrior’s heart…
It’s difficult for Kara Dalgaard to act like a lady, even when her father demands it. After the handsome Jarl Aaron McNally arrives at her home recruiting for the king’s army, she’s forced to participate in a cruel deception to humiliate him.
Drawn to his strength and passion, she quickly regrets what she’s done. But duty comes before happiness.
Aaron wants a second chance at life—and Kara is everything he’s dreamed of. But the past always has a way of catching up with you. Will Kara trust him or condemn him to a life of loneliness?

When Kara entered the water, her toes curled. It was freezing. There was a flash of amusement on her companion’s face as her teeth chattered uncontrollably. She swam several yards, then submerged herself, snorting and choking as she resurfaced. Water dribbled down her chin. Amelia wasn’t as adventurous and stayed close to the shoreline. Kara treaded water as she admired the dark woods across the lake. Nothing pleased her more than being outside. Free to explore, free to do as she wanted without her brothers harassing her. She thought she saw movement, but realized it was nothing more than flickering sunlight and shadows. The pleasure of the moment dominated her senses. Nothing could ruin it.
As she floated on her back half dozing, the thundering sound of approaching horses shattered her daydream. She twisted around and searched wildly for Amelia who disappeared into the woods. Kara rushed to reach the shore.
Please …
But before her feet hit land, six riders surrounded Amelia who was now standing at the edge of the forest. Kara froze. She’d stupidly left her weapons by the horses. Now they had no chance of defending themselves or escaping. Two riders dismounted, striding toward her.
“Come out of the water,” the largest demanded.
Unwilling to shame herself by allowing these strangers to see her naked, she crouched in the shallow water. “Turn around first.”
“If you don’t comply, I’ll pluck you out like a wet rat.” There was nothing friendly about this man. His companions chuckled.
Silence ensued as everyone seemed to contemplate Kara’s next move. She’d not risk Amelia’s safety by disobeying. But, what if she could swim to the other side of the lake and find help? Without clothing or money? Never. Swallowing her pride, she looked up. The dark features of the man who demanded she come out scared her.
“Now,” he reminded. “If I wanted to rape you, you’d be on your back by now.”
She was trying not to overthink things, but failing miserably.
“Drit,” he yelled, then rushed her.
The moment his boots hit the lake, Kara filled her mouth with water, then shot up, spitting in his face. “Merciless beast.”
He wiped his cheek, his hot gaze sweeping over her body. She refused to tremble. Animals like him thrived on fear. Without warning, Amelia intervened. She ran to beach, offering her cloak.
“Put it on and I’ll rip it off you. Do as I bid, now, and get out of the water.” He glared at Amelia. “You, move.”
“I have a duty to my mistress.” Amelia jutted her chin.
“Stay out of my way. Challenge me again and I’ll punish you.” He shoved her to the ground and then grabbed a fistful of Kara’s hair. She struggled to free herself, only to be dragged to land, then into the forest next to her horses. The blanket and food Amelia had laid out was untouched. He pointed at the coverlet. “Sit.”
Kara obeyed. Fear filled her mind and heart. “Who are you?”
His dark eyes sparkled like a wildfire. “Erling Solheim, an avenging god, I assure you.”
“Devils aren’t gods.”
He slapped her face. “You’ll learn quickly enough that I have no patience for a sharp tongue. Do as I tell you or you’ll be bruised from head to toe before sunset. Understand?”
Kara nodded in comprehension.
“Where are your clothes?”
She pointed; her sword and shield were on the ground nearby. By Odin, she wished she had her weapon in her hands.
“Lying to me about your clothing? You need discipline already. Your gown, where is it?”
“I dressed as a boy for my protection.” She sucked her cheeks in.
He gave her a smug smile. “I believe you. You’re Erik the Bald’s daughter.”
Kara gasped. “How-”
“The trees have eyes and ears.”
“And atrocious manners …”

Violetta Rand holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Policy and a master's degree in Environmental Management. Serving as an environmental scientist in the state of Alaska for over seven years, she enjoys the privilege of traveling to remote places few people have the opportunity to see.

Violetta has been "in love" with writing since childhood. Struck with an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, at five, she wrote short stories illustrated by her best friend and sold them in her neighborhood. The only thing she loves more than writing is her wonderful relationship with her husband, Jeff. She enjoys outdoor activities, reading whatever she can get her hands on, music, and losing herself in the worlds she enjoys bringing to life in the pages of her stories.
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Crazy Dreams

Title: Crazy Dreams (Dreams #1)
Author: Dawn Pendleton
Release: June 30, 2014

  Stone Tucker has big dreams. Someday, he wants to be on a country radio station. Flash forward to reality, and Stone isn’t any closer to his dream than he was months ago when he left his high school sweetheart and hometown in Pennsylvania to move to Nashville. Every one back home thinks he’s going to fail, and unfortunately, Stone has started to believe it, too.
  Enter Ember Daniels.
  Ember lost her dad years ago in a car accident, and more recently, her older sister to leukemia. She’s had her fair share and then some of heartbreak and needs to get away from the modeling life her mother has been pushing on her. A summer trip to Nashville is just what she needs to find herself. She isn’t prepared for Stone, with his hot body and overall indifferent attitude toward her.
  One night can change everything, and with seemingly endless summer nights, Ember and Stone both discover exactly what they’re looking for.


About Dawn Pendleton...

Dawn Pendleton spends her time between Maine and somewhere warm for the winter, dragging her husband and pup wherever she goes. A lover of travel, an avid reader, and a softie at heart, Dawn writes romance novels that face the dark reality of life, which is that not everyone gets a happily ever after right away.

Want to meet Dawn? Check out the list of Events she will be attending!

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NOTE: Complete novel. No cliffhanger. Dual POV. Rated 18+ for language and strong sexual content.

Four years of honorably serving his country has left Simon, Cade’s younger brother, damaged and trapped in wolf form. Little did he know the only person with the ability to heal him completelywould be found at home. Literally. Now that he’s found her, he is desperate to claim her.

Rose is a beautiful, voluptuous woman with limited experience with men. Although she's confident, she still has reservations. Never having a family of her own,her fear of abandonment has her fleeing romantic relationships, and doubting herself.

Travis is insane. A deadly loose cannon that a secret organization hired to destroy the Le Beau family by denying them their mates. Permanently.

Simon’s dream will be lost forever unless he is able to maintain human form.
Rose needs unconditional love and a mate to create the family she’s always wanted.
Travis’s all-consuming drive is to take Rose for himself.
Will Simon ever be whole again,able to claim his mate, giving Rose the love and family she so desperately craves? Or will Travis destroy them both?

V.A.Dold is the bestselling author of the Le Beau Brothers series, New Orleans wolf shifter novels. A graduate of Saint Cloud University, she majored in marketing. Prior to becoming a full time writer, she was a publicist to the authors, owning Innovative Online Book Tours and ARC Author & Reader Con's (ARC NOLA) (ARC Phoenix). Still is. The companies mesh so well together, much like PB&J.
Her idea of absolute heaven is a day in the French Quarter filled with nothing but her computer, her coffee mug and the Brothers, of course.
A Minnesota native with her heart lost to Louisiana, she has a penchant for titillating tales featuring sexy men and strong women. When she's not writing, she's probably taking in a movie, reading or traveling.
Her earliest reading memories are from grade school. She had a major fixation with horses, and the Black Stallion was a favorite. Then junior high came along and teenage hormones kicked in. It became all about the Harlequin Romances. She has been hooked on romances ever since.

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